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Handheld PDA

3D vision volume lens

  • Product Name:GS232
  • Features:
  • 1: Support Pictures Storage
  • 2: Fast Measuring Speed1s/pcs
  • 3: Measuring Range is from 50*50*50mm to 2000*2000*2000mm
  • 4: Hand-hold Portable
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Goodscan 232 is a new generation volume measurement lens that can provide customers with the most cost-effective dynamic measurement solution. The streamlined design satisfies various customization needs of users, and users can develop arbitrarily on the basis of this equipment. Customers can customize the system to modify the system according to the application needs, and tailor the irregular cargo volume system with the most cost-effective, highest accuracy, and strong functionality.

Product Parameter

name GS232
Measuring principle 3D vision measurement
Measuring square sensor Yifang Technology Depth Sensor
Measuring range 5*5*5~80*80*80cm
Average accuracy ±8mm
Measuring speed 1 second/piece
Data output Excel/Http/TCP/Serial port
Weighing range Unmeasurable
Weighing output interface RS232
Barcode gun can scan barcode One-dimensional barcode/two-dimensional code
Material stainless steel
Storage function 64G; support to store each cargo photo
operating system Win7 system/Win10 system
Automatic measurement stand by
Data upload stand by
Local storage stand by
Photo archive stand by
Docking system stand by
Secondary development stand by
Cost calculation stand by
More than one ticket stand by
multi-lingual Chinese-English switch
Low light measurement Support (no light)
Working temperature -5℃-50℃
Working environment humidity 0-90%

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