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Static DWS Measurement

Lifting rod design weighing weighing scanning taking pictures

  • Product Name:GS210Y
  • Features:
  • 1: Measuring Range from 50*50*50mm to 800*800*800mm
  • 2: Automatic Scanning
  • 3: Fast Measuring Speed1s/pcs
  • 4: Maxium Weighing Weight is 60kg
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Goodscan 210Y is a small and medium-sized cargo measurement solution specially designed for logistics and warehousing. Support regular and irregular bulk goods measurement, the smallest can measure 5×5×5cm small goods, and the largest can measure 80×80×80cm Chinese goods. With 3D vision measurement solution, the best measurement accuracy is ±5mm, and the best weight measurement accuracy is ±0.01kg. Complete measurement, weighing, scan code, input, calculation in one step, support high-definition photography and store each cargo photo, and use Excel/Http/TCP/serial port to connect to the warehouse management system/database, upload data information to the cloud with one click, Provide intelligent logistics solutions.

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Volume data collection
Measuring principle 3D vision measurement
Measuring range
Average accuracy ±5mm
Measuring speed 1 second/piece
Shape of the object to be measured Regular & Irregular & Alien Objects
Automatic measure stand by
Weight data collection
Weighing range ≤100kg
Weighing accuracy  0.01kg
Weighing output interface RS232
Automatic weighing stand by
Barcode data collection
Reading time <100ms
Barcode camera resolution 1200W
Barcode lens 16mm
Barcode resolution 10mils/0.254mm
One-dimensional code support Code128/Code39/Code93/EAN/ITF25/Codabar
QR code support QR/Datamatrix
Scan code automatically stand by
Other functions
Data output Excel/Http/TCP/Websocket/Serial port
Local storage 128G, support
Data upload stand by
Photo archive Support storage for 30 days
Docking system Provide standard interface
Secondary development Value-added services
multi-lingual Chinese-English switch


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