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How can e-commerce companies improve delivery efficiency?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-04-15 10:56

E-commerce has increasingly become an inseparable part of life. Especially affected by the Covid19 pneumonia epidemic, the demand for “contactless shopping” has given birth to the further development of the e-commerce industry.

Compared with other traditional logistics warehousing, e-commerce goods delivery has its particularity. Each order is small and complex, the delivery frequency is fast, and there are many logistics companies. However, due to the immature warehousing hardware conditions, a steady stream of orders has become a bottleneck for the profitability of e-commerce companies: manual measurement of cargo information and freight calculation is inefficient, error-prone, and frequent cases of poor customer experience. In view of this feature, an accurate and fast cargo data collection and calculation method is needed to maximize the efficiency of e-commerce cargo turnover.

How do large e-commerce companies such as Amazon, JD, Tmall, and Xiaohongshu achieve fast and accurate delivery? According to the propaganda videos of the above-mentioned large companies, public news reports, and even the invoices in the customer packages, sharp-eyed senior netizens can discover the mystery: based on automated volume measurement technology, accurately obtain the volume, weight, and barcode of the goods Wait for the data, and then combine the company's own warehouse management system to finally optimize the warehousing and distribution process based on data analysis, so as to truly achieve fast and accurate delivery.

Amazon automated warehousing.The volume, weight, barcode and other data of goods are the core basis for all warehousing process optimization. At the same time, the faster the volume measurement of the product, the more accurate the data obtained, and the enterprise warehousing management system can exert the maximum benefit and realize the refinement. management. So, are there currently mature and reliable products that can solve the above-mentioned problems? Yi Fang Technology Goodscan products are your ideal choice.
Yi Fang Technology is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the DWS(dimensioning,weighing,scanning) field. It has been deeply involved in the 3D vision measurement application field as early as 15 years. Its Goodscan series products are the leading representatives of the volume measurement of goods using 3D vision technology. Yi Fang Technology’s Goodscan series products integrate 3D measurement, computer vision, photogrammetry, remote sensing, 3D modeling and other technologies. They can not only measure regular boxes, but also irregular objects. The entire measurement process does not require reference objects. No need to manually select points to calibrate the vertices of the box.

At the same time, Goodscan series products can also automatically collect and upload data such as cargo weight, barcodes, and photos, and then be used twice on the big data platform to help subsequent cargo stowage and capacity scheduling to achieve refined operations.
Goodscan series products

Yi Fang Technology has launched more than ten types of equipment in three series, Goodscan100, Goodscan200, and Goodscan300. The industries it serves cover many fields such as manufacturing, logistics and transportation, e-commerce, medical care, and trade. According to their different links and characteristics, they provide complete solutions. Solutions, technical support and services.

In the future, Yi Fang Technology will insist on R&D and innovation to create more intelligent volume measurement equipment that meets the needs of various scenarios in the e-commerce industry, helping e-commerce companies reduce costs, improve the efficiency of goods turnover, and provide consumers with better quality service.


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