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What is the e-commerce/logistics dsw system? what's the effect?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-10-16 10:46

  What does the DWS system commonly used in e-commerce and logistics companies refer to? The following is the answer for you by the editor of Yifang Technology:

  DWS system is actually a kind of cargo information collection system, where D refers to dimension (volume), W refers to weight (weight), and S refers to scanning (code scanning). A complete DWS system needs to have these factors. Item function.

  The volume measurement DWS equipment of Yifang Technology integrates the functions of measuring, weighing, scanning code, photographing and system docking. It helps companies solve the problems of slow manual collection of cargo information, low efficiency, and error-prone problems, and promotes efficient logistics operations.

  The main parameters of the equipment:

  Technology: 3D vision technology

  Measurable types: regular/irregular, convex hull, soft pack and ultra-thin cargo

  Measuring range: 5mm x 5mm x 1mm~200cm x 200cm x 180cm (length x width x height)

  Measuring speed: 1-2 seconds/piece, up to 8000 votes/hour

  Measurement error: dimensional accuracy can reach millimeter level, weight accuracy ±5~50g (depending on the size of the goods)

  Equipment classification: mobile handheld series, static measurement series, dynamic measurement series and bulk measurement series.

  Friends who need to collect the size, volume and weight of goods can refer to the above data to choose the one that suits them. The above data is based on the relevant parameters of the volume measurement dws equipment of Yifang Technology. The specific function of each equipment shall prevail.


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