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The features of scanning and weighing

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-07-02 10:50

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, more and more automation equipment is put into daily production and life. Taking the logistics industry as an example, Yifang Technology's automated volume measurement equipment is widely used. It can realize measuring, weighing, scanning, taking pictures, and calculations and other functions can efficiently collect information such as the volume and weight of goods, greatly reducing the overall cost of the enterprise.

Features of automatic weighing equipment:
1. One-click collection of volume and weight
2. It takes 1s to collect a single piece of goods, and 60 tickets can be collected in one minute
3. Automatically identify barcodes and enter cargo information
4. Automatically take photos and upload to cloud storage
5. Simple installation and convenient maintenance

Main functions of weighing equipment:
1. Measuring method: accurately measure the length, width and height of the goods and calculate the volume, the accuracy can reach millimeter level.
2. Weighing: Collect the weight of the goods, with a weighing accuracy of ±10g.
3. Scan code: automatically identify barcode/QR code and enter data.
4. Take pictures: automatically take pictures of the goods and automatically archive.
5. Calculation: Calculate the freight of the goods based on the volume or weight of the goods.
6. System docking: Provide data port, you can upload data.

The above are the functions and features of the automatic weighing equipment compiled by the editor of Yifang Technology.


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