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Why is it recommended to use automatic volume measurement equipment?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-07-01 11:56

According to the General Administration of Customs, in the first four months, China’s total export value was 11.62 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28.5%. Among them, exports were 6.22 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.8%; imports were 5.3 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.7%; the trade surplus was 1.02 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 149.7%.After the epidemic, China's economic situation is very good. Import and export trade has moved from recovery to the right track. In addition to the rapid development of the cross-border e-commerce industry, related international logistics have also undergone historical innovations.

Since the 21st century, science and technology have been developing, and the artificial intelligence industry has slowly penetrated into every industry. Many companies have become more and more automated, which not only liberates labor, but also greatly improves overall operating efficiency.Taking the logistics industry as an example, automation equipment can be seen everywhere, such as automatic receiving artifacts in express outlets, automatic sorting in logistics distribution centers, and unmanned delivery vehicles, etc., so do you know which fields automatic volume measurement equipment can be used in?For example, the main industry is the logistics field. The logistics industry has the largest number of cargo packages. The use of automated volume measurement equipment can effectively help companies reduce manual input and reduce costs.

Comparison: Before the automatic volume measurement equipment is put into use, the collection of cargo information requires manual measurement of the length, width and height to calculate the volume, weigh the equipment, generate data tags for the goods, and manually enter the data into the system. The total time is at least 30s; but after the equipment is used "Measurement + Weighing + Scanning + Photographing + Entry System" can be completed with one key, which only takes 2s, which greatly improves efficiency.
Another example is the application of goods in and out of supermarket warehouses. Supermarket goods need to be recorded in detail. Not only must the volume and weight information of the goods be collected, but also the time and other elements must be accurately recorded. With automatic volume measurement equipment, data can be recorded with one key and the data can be directly recorded. Dock to the system for precise traceability.

What are the benefits of using automatic volume measurement equipment?
Efficient information collection: The traditional five steps of "measurement + weighing + scanning + photographing + input system" become automatic collection of equipment.System record information: the volume measurement equipment directly connects the recorded cargo information to the system, which can be exported and viewed at any time.Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement: labor input is reduced, labor costs are reduced, and cargo information collection speed is accelerated, thereby improving overall work efficiency.
As the industry's leading expert in cargo volume measurement, the GOODSCAN series of products independently developed by Yifang Technology integrate 3D measurement, computer vision, photogrammetry, 3D modeling and other technologies to quickly and accurately collect cargo information, helping companies reduce costs and improve efficiency , To help follow-up cargo stowage, warehousing planning, capacity scheduling and other processes to achieve refined operations.


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