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How to calculate the cost of international express delivery?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-06-28 17:40

First of all, we have to understand how to charge for international express delivery.Everyone who does logistics knows that there are two types of goods in international express delivery: heavy goods and dropped goods. Heavy cargo refers to the goods that are charged according to the actual weight, and the dumped cargo refers to the large volume of goods that are charged according to the volume weight. In addition to the more expensive freight, there are also several billing methods:
We all know that the general billing standards of express delivery are calculated based on weight, while the billing standards of international express delivery are based on the actual weight and volume weight of the packaged goods, and the maximum cost is taken as the billing standard.The calculation method of the four major international express DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEX package volume weight: (length * width * height) / 5000, note that the unit of length, width and height here is centimeter.If the packaged goods are less than 0.5kg, 0.5kg will be charged.For heavy goods, weighing is the most important thing, and the volume has little effect; for dumping goods, the volume of the goods is the most important. Of course, if your goods are dumped, but the volume can be compressed, it will save a lot of money.So how is the volume of goods measured in international logistics? Faced with a large number of goods, how to improve work efficiency?
Generally, logistics companies with larger companies will use various automation equipment to assist logistics work.Taking DHL as an example, it has a cooperative relationship with Yifang Technology, which is deeply involved in the field of cargo volume measurement. Using Yifang Technology’s Goodscan series of products, it can efficiently collect the volume and weight information of the goods, classify the storage of the goods, and classify the loading. There has been a great improvement in timeliness.
Yifang Technology is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise. It has been deeply involved in the field of cargo volume measurement for many years. Its Goodscan series products have been certified by the national authority for their measurement accuracy. The products are widely used in logistics, warehousing, medical care, supermarkets and other fields. Help companies reduce logistics costs and improve operational efficiency.


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