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How to improve the efficiency of the logistics industry assembly line?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-06-18 14:26

Volume measurement equipment is the key!The manual operation efficiency is too slow and the cost is too high, so the assembly line appears, which is a huge change for the manufacturing industry.In the early manual era, every worker had to understand the production process of the product. To make a finished product, the worker was required to be very familiar with the entire process, and the basic quality requirements of the workers were also improved.
The emergence of the assembly line is equivalent to the realization of semi-automation. On the assembly line, workers only need to be familiar with the process they are responsible for. Workers’ requirements are reduced, their familiarity with the business is enhanced, and work efficiency is also improved. Therefore, the investment in the assembly line is a major contributor to labor cost savings in the manufacturing industry.
The assembly line is set according to the needs of each enterprise and is a non-standard item. In the manual manufacturing industry, the speed of the assembly line is slow, because it is necessary to coordinate with the operating speed of the workers and coordinate the man-machine to reduce errors and ensure the quality of the finished product.For companies with a higher degree of mechanization, the speed of the assembly line is completely up to you, which can be fast or slow, without manual intervention, which greatly improves work efficiency.
How can the assembly line of the logistics industry improve work efficiency? We know that the assembly line of the logistics industry is nothing more than packing and sorting operations. How to improve efficiency in these operations?Yifang Technology is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, focusing on the field of cargo volume measurement. Its Goodscan series products adopt 3D vision + computer vision + photogrammetry and other technologies, which can accurately measure the volume of regular/irregular items.Imagine that if the packages have been sorted according to the volume measurement, the sorting procedure is completed; after sorting, you can directly select the suitable packaging for sorting, without having to worry about the size of the packaging. 


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