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Can the volume measurement equipment effectively measure the pile body?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-06-08 10:27

Do you know how to measure the volume of the pile? According to the previous method, first load it into a fixed-size freight car, then measure the length, width and height, and then calculate the volumetric weight. Now there is a new solution. After the stack is loaded, the GS400 truck intelligent volume measurement system of  Yifang Technology can be used to obtain the volume and weight of the truck in just 1s. How did he achieve this?

First, let’s take a look at GS400. It is a new generation of truck volume measuring instrument independently developed by Yifang Technology. It can automatically measure the length, width, and height of the truck bay loading volume (one time for an empty truck and full truck).

The measuring range is 2mxl.5mxL2m~25mx3mx4.5m (length, width and height, accuracy ±5cm), and the volume accuracy is less than 3%. GS400 can quickly realize vehicle modeling, automatic identification of the body part, calculation of the volume of loaded materials, and identification and weighing of the associated license plate Heavy system, save data to ERP system with one click.

GS400 is suitable for measuring the volume and weight of vehicles, especially for some vehicles that transport irregular loads, such as muck trucks, scrap trucks, construction trucks, etc. The computer dynamically displays the three-dimensional outline graphics and size data of the vehicle, and accurately calculates the volume of the vehicle. weight. GS400 effectively solves the problems of low manual measurement efficiency, low accuracy, and high cost, so that the weighing and size measurement of cargo trucks can be solved in a "one-stop" way!

Measurement principle: The vehicle is cut into many slices by the left and right scanners, the thickness of the slices is determined by the front scanner, and the slice data is synthesized and calculated through the software algorithm of the system to obtain the length, width and height of the vehicle profile.

The GS400 truck intelligent measurement system was purchased, which realized: unattended measurement, trucks do not stop, and unit time efficiency is improved; the measurement process takes a short time, and the vehicle outputs the measurement results within 15 seconds;the measurement accuracy is high, the error is small, and the data can be directly connected to the system; the staffing is reduced, and the labor cost is reduced;from GS100 handheld PDA to GS400 intelligent measurement system, from dynamic and static DWS to non-contact collection of truck information, Yifang's technology keeps improving, allowing Goodscan's measurement range to continue to expand and technology to continue to expand. In the future, Yifang Technology will continue to insist on R&D and innovation to create more intelligent volume measurement equipment that meets the needs of different industries and different scenarios. It will gradually replace traditional manual operations with Goodscan series of intelligent equipment to help logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, medical, Trade, air cargo and other industries reduce costs and increase efficiency, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with better services.


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