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The Features of Volume Measuring Equipment and Maintenance Way

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-05-26 17:37

The volume measuring equipment uses an integrated component volume measurement system with modular design and simple configuration and care. It can assist enterprises in handling the five basic functions of weighing, volume measurement, barcode recognition, entry system, and photographic archiving at one time. It is mainly used in logistics and distribution. And warehousing links. So what are the characteristics of the volume measuring instrument?

  1. It can automatically measure the quantity and volume of goods and upload and store them.
  2. Data calculation and analysis can be carried out at the same time. With the warehouse processing system, it can complete the performance of carton selection and freight calculation, and provide data for optimizing storage space and picking up process.
  3. Instead of manual manipulation of weighing, measuring, scanning, and recording in the course of homework, work efficiency is increased by 5-10 times, and time cost is reduced by 80%.
Traditional companies often use ordinary platform scales or platform scales to measure the weight of goods, while the scenes that require volume measurement are usually measured manually with equipment such as measuring tapes. This method is inefficient and the measurement results are very simple, which leads to disputes on both sides of the transaction. In the process of manually inputting the data measured manually into the system, data errors due to artificial factors will inevitably occur, which will cause unnecessary difficulties for a series of subsequent cargo stowage, freight settlement and other links.
Appropriate maintenance of the volume measuring instrument can effectively extend its service life, so its maintenance methods should be familiar to users. Below are the correct maintenance methods of the volume measuring instrument:
  1. If the rust caused by the adhesion of the cleaning agent cannot be removed with a neutral detergent, please use a clean chemical solution.
  2. The pollution caused by touch and fingerprints can be removed with a neutral detergent or soap, and wipe it with a sponge or cloth containing organic solvents.
  3. The rust caused by iron powder or salt in the process of mechanical homework can be wiped with a sponge or cloth containing neutral detergent or soapy water. It can be easily removed and wiped clean.


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