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What are the advantages and disadvantages of dimensioning weighing scanning equipment?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-05-25 17:16

Dimensioning weighing scanning equipment is basically applied every day in the logistics, express delivery, and warehousing industries. The use of dimensioning weighing scanning equipment improves the efficiency of logistics and warehousing and reduces labor costs. Although dimensioning weighing scanning equipment is widely used, it also has advantages and disadvantages. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the most common equipment for logistics warehousing?

Advantages of dimensioning weighing scanning:

1. Automatic dimensioning and weighing: The reason why the automatic weighing system can reduce labor costs is because of its weighing function, and it also speeds up the progress of logistics, so that the circulation of goods is more rapid, and the management and storage of goods is more convenient for enterprises. In addition, the weighing equipment has high accuracy, which can accurately assist companies in calculating freight based on weight.

2. Data storage for secondary use: Weighing equipment can store data when it is working, and these data will be stored in the system. Data storage is mainly to ensure the traceability of the goods information, to ensure that the goods that have been weighed will not be lost. The time of manual weighing often shows data review errors, or the goods are lost. Therefore, the data storage of the weighing equipment Can effectively prevent such problems.

3. High dimensioning weighing efficiency: One of the reasons why weighing equipment has gained popularity is that, compared with traditional manual weighing, weighing equipment is more efficient.

Disadvantages of dimensioning weighing scanning equipment:

The dimensioning weighing scanning equipment is still relatively backward .The use of active dimensioning weighing in our country presents the characteristics of low integration and insufficient use of automation systems and equipment.

There are many factors that hinder the popularization of weighing equipment, which is closely related to the level of scientific skills.With the continuous development of science and technology, these problems must be dealt with one by one, just like Yifang Technology originally handled volume measurement. The problem of the system is the same. Yifang Technology's GS series products are measuring more and more extensively, and their skills continue to expand. Nowadays, they have developed truck volume and weight measurement equipment. 


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