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The application for the dimensioning&weighing&scanning equipment.

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-05-24 15:19

At present, the logistics industry is developing very fast. How to improve the efficiency of warehousing and save labor costs has become a very important competitiveness index for the logistics industry. In order to improve the efficiency of the logistics and warehousing industry, many logistics companies have begun to use volume measurement equipment, which can Greatly improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs. In addition to the logistics industry, volume measurement equipment is needed in other industries. So, what are the specific application areas of volume measurement equipment?

1. E-commerce: It can quickly generate and provide data for freight calculation and creation of related transportation, and at the same time can obtain volume and weight information, so that the optimal configuration during storage and transportation can be achieved.

2. Logistics: The logistics industry must accurately measure related logistics products, and understand their size to better store goods, and this size also has a better help for their charges. The application of volume measurement equipment in the logistics industry This undoubtedly improves the efficiency of logistics operations.

3. Express delivery: Volume measurement equipment can be used for express delivery and delivery, barcode scanning and weighing, physical image shooting, vegetable archives and high-efficiency equipment. It has simple operation and powerful functions to improve the speed of logistics inspection. Check the records and other features. It solves many problems such as low manual efficiency, large-scale loss of data, high labor cost, inability to trace information, and large weight deviation.

4. Cross-border trade import and export: Volume measurement equipment includes electric box, panel computer controller, touch screen and integrated data processing software. With the use of floor scales, it can quickly measure multiple, loaded or unloaded goods on the pallet at a time, so as to facilitate the rapid measurement of imported and exported products.

5. Manufacturing industry: In the manufacturing field, various equipment must be used to achieve better control of the accuracy of processing, and the volume measurement equipment of Goodscan can achieve better volume measurement and estimation through 3D lens + algorithm. Sophisticated technology, in order to ensure that precision instruments can be produced, volume measurement equipment is used to ensure that each product is more closely integrated, because volume measurement equipment is widely used in manufacturing.

With 6 years DWS field factory experience.Goodscan has been developing dimensioning systems for companies all over the world. As a designer, manufacturer, and seller of dimensioning and weighing and scanning,Goodscan provides industry-leading measurement data so companies can save on shipping, storage, and packaging solutions.


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