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Why use static parcel dimensioning,weighing and scanning system?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-05-24 14:08

The weighing and scanning code integrated machine has dynamic weighing and scanning code integrated machine, static weighing and scanning code integrated machine. This static weighing and scanning code integrated machine is used for the scanning and weighing of express barcodes and physical image acquisition and archiving when receiving and sending items at outlets. High-efficiency equipment can be directly connected to the assembly line, scanning and weighing can be completed online, or it can be directly transported to the original main conveyor belt after scanning, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
Features of static weighing and scanning code integrated machine:
1. Measure the size of goods quickly and accurately, with an accuracy of millimeters;
2. The actual volume of the goods or the smaller packing volume can be provided;
3. Eliminate the trouble of manually entering data and ensure the integrity of the data;
4. Barcode information can be quickly identified;
5. It can be used with electronic scales to measure weight;
6. It can be used with assembly line.
7. Support any information docking system.
Features of static weighing and scanning machine:
1.Ultra-fast automatic weighing and scanning code: automatic weighing and scanning bar code, labor-saving and efficient, only one person is required to operate;
2.Smart photo storage: the camera automatically scans the courier bill and saves it after taking a photo, which can be uploaded to the server or stored locally, automatically cropped and corrected;
3.Strong scanning code compatibility: supports a variety of bar code types, has strong code reading ability, and can be customized to filter the bar code mechanism. Fuzzy codes, reflective codes, dirty codes, fold codes, etc. can be scanned;
4.Customizable adjustable stand: the height of the display can be customized, the height of the electronic scale can be customized, the height of the video module can be customized, the mobile base with pulleys can be customized, etc.; when the machine fails, the staff will be automatically notified to avoid errors , And low maintenance cost;
Static code scanning, weighing and volume measurement system package barcode scanning volume measurement all-in-one machine: use infrared detection depth, 3D imaging technology and patented algorithms to quickly and accurately measure the volume of objects of any shape. Effective integration of weighing and barcode scanning, and data integration and sending to users , And archive photos of objects for use in the evidence management system for easy installation and commissioning, easy operation, flexible application scenarios and easy use of old, which can greatly improve user productivity, save labor costs, and compensate for loss of income.We Goodscan manufacturer state-of-the art dimensioning & weighing equipment.Your trusted partner for a safer world.


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