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What is the difference between automatic weighing and manual weighing?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-04-23 15:59

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, automatic weighing has also emerged. Whether in storage or sorting centers, automatic weighing equipment can be seen everywhere. Although automatic weighing equipment is more convenient, many companies still use manual weighing and manual entry methods to collect information about goods. Sometimes when collecting the volume of goods, manual measurement is also used. What is the difference between automatic weighing equipment and manual weighing? Today's article will talk about the difference between the two.
The automatic weighing system can quickly collect the weight of the goods and connect to the system. The belt-type automatic weighing equipment can also be connected to the warehouse assembly line and the sorting center to make the collection of goods more efficient. If you need to collect large volume information of goods, you can also install a different-party GS232 measuring lens on the automatic weighing equipment, which can realize measuring, weighing, taking pictures, calculating freight, and docking systems. The use of these intelligent equipment makes goods flow faster, storage pipelines are more refined, and labor costs are reduced.
Before choosing an automatic weighing system, some people always feel that the initial investment is too large and not cost-effective, and manual weighing can also solve the problem. Why should such a sum of money be invested in the early stage?
Manual weighing efficiency is low, and it is easy to make mistakes when entering the system, which directly increases the workload and working time for the follow-up review. If it encounters an outbreak period with large cargo volume, too slow cargo information collection can easily lead to problems such as warehouse explosion, missing parts, missing parts, and wrong parts. As the labor cost in our country is getting higher and higher, the number of packages is also increasing. It is impossible to handle such a large volume of goods only by relying on labor to complete the collection of cargo information.
Since weighing, measuring square lens, etc. have become common tools in the logistics and warehousing industry.Every parcel you handle has been sent by someone, every parcel you handle is being expected by someone, every parcel you handle is revenue opportunity.It’s our understanding of this that enables us to help you gather data, and thereby apply profit to every single parcel you handle.


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