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Introduction of dynamic measurement and static measurement

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-04-23 11:19

Dynamic measurement

When the package enters the working area of ​​the DWS system, the automatic code scanning, weighing and volume measurement of the package are realized, and the data is uploaded from time to time. At the same time, the quotation will be stopped for the abnormal items (barcode missed scanning, or the package that cannot be read and identified due to wrinkled, damaged, dirty surface of the barcode), or automatically eliminated.

Static measurement

1.Static measurement + manual pickup (manual operation)

The operator places the package on the DWS workbench (the workbench is equivalent to a static electronic scale). While the workbench is weighing the package, the code scanning and volume measuring instrument at the top automatically scans the code and measures the volume of the package. The operator takes the measured package out of the workbench and places it on the container or conveyor belt next to it.

2.Static measurement + dynamic delivery (instead of manual pickup, semi-manual operation)

Similar to installing a power conveyor line (belt line or roller line) with a motor on a static electronic scale, so that when the package is measured, the conveyor line rolls to transfer the package to the conveyor line or container on one side. No need to manually take out from the workbench.

The dynamic measurement efficiency is more than twice that of the static measurement; the corresponding price cost is also many times more.Goodscan's leading-edge technology is helping our clients invoice more accurately,and deliver better across the globe.Find out how we can make your life easier.


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