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The difference between "3D visual intelligent volume measurement instrument and light curtain measurement"

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-04-22 15:03

In the past, in the express logistics industry, measuring light curtains were used to measure the size and volume of products. However, with the continuous development of science and technology, traditional measuring light curtains can no longer meet the needs of users, and volume measurement systems have gradually replaced measuring light curtains and have been widely used in the industry. So what is the difference between a volume measurement system and a volume measurement light curtain? Why can a volume measurement system replace the measurement light curtain and be rapidly popularized? The following editor takes Yifang Technology Goodscan product as an example to briefly describe the time difference between the two:

1. Accuracy: Accuracy is a point of great concern in the field of measurement and inspection. In contrast, the accuracy of volume measurement light curtains is very low, and the Goodscan volume measurement system uses 3D lens + algorithm, which has fast scanning speed and less than 1 measurement time. second.

2. Measuring method: Volume measuring light curtain can only measure regular boxes; Yifang Technology Goodscan volume measuring system can not only measure regular products, but also irregular goods, aviation convex bags, e-commerce soft bags, etc.; volume measuring light curtains must Relative movement; Goodscan products do not need to be equipped with multiple assembly lines, ready to use, can be equipped with assembly lines, can also be static measurement, strong adaptability.

3. Scanning code: Nowadays, the scanning code function has been popularized, but the volume measurement light curtain does not support the scanning code function, and the Goodscan volume measurement system can quickly identify bar code information.

4. Abnormity measurement: Volume measurement light curtains must be placed in parallel during measurement; Goodscan automatic measurement products can be placed at will, which is convenient for employees to operate.

5. Average price: As a consumer, the price of the product determines whether we buy or not due to certain factors. The average price of volume measurement light curtains is 200,000/unit, and the Goodscan volume measurement system is 80,000/unit, which is lower in price. In the case of, there are more functions, I believe everyone already knows how to choose.

The Goodscan series of products independently developed by Yi Fang Technology change the traditional measurement method and can quickly and accurately obtain and calculate the volume, weight, barcode and other information parameters of regular (irregular) goods. It can also be used as an entrance to the collection of logistics information, combined with "Internet +", and the use of logistics big data can achieve functions such as "recommended minimum packaging", "reasonable storage capacity planning", and "precise truck dispatching", helping companies save time and cost, and effectively improve the company effectiveness.



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