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3 ways to choose the right volumetric weight measuring machine?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-04-15 17:11

Intelligent automatic dimensioning machine is widely used in logistics, warehousing, e-commerce, supermarkets and other fields, and has become an indispensable option for reducing costs and improving efficiency. For those who have never used a dimensioning weighing scanning system, they often have such questions when purchasing:

Our company’s goods are special-shaped, can the volume measurement equipment measure it?
Our measurement error requirement is not higher than 3%, what kind of equipment can meet?

There are many volume measurement equipment on the market. How to purchase the most suitable equipment for the company? Today we will talk about this.

  • Choose a company with a R&D team.
Generally speaking, when purchasing equipment, it is best to choose a company with a research and development team. This type of company generally has a variety of sizes of products to choose from, and the equipment can be customized. Goodscan is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of cargo measurement. Its self-developed Goodscan series of products include handheld PDAs, static parcel dimensioning,dynamic parcel dimensioning weighing and scanning and automatic measurement solutions, covering multiple scenarios of logistics measurement work.

  • Confirm the measurement accuracy of the product
Measurement products using different technologies will have different accuracy. Common measurement technologies include light curtain measurement, laser measurement, ultrasonic measurement, and 3D lens + algorithm measurement. The most accurate of these is laser measurement technology, but the cost is high and the price/performance ratio is low. , And 3D vision measurement with high accuracy and high cost performance has become the first choice of more and more enterprises. Goodscan's volume measurement equipment is a combination of 3D measurement, computer vision, photogrammetry, 3D modeling and other technologies, with the highest accuracy of ±1mm.
  • Authoritative organization certification and docking system
High-quality volume measurement equipment will pass the national authority certification and ISO quality system management certification,CE certificate, and can also be connected to customer systems, and the quality is guaranteed. The Goodscan series is one of the products that have passed the accuracy certification and quality certification of the authoritative organization. It can collect data quickly and accurately, and realize "measurement + weighing + scanning code + photographing + calculation + system docking" in one step, helping companies reduce costs and improve efficiency , To help follow-up cargo stowage, warehousing planning, capacity scheduling and other processes to achieve refined operations.

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