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Japan SF Express repurchase GM210 dynamic DWS

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-06-14 11:31

As globalization accelerates, the international logistics industry faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities. In order to improve transportation efficiency, reduce costs and optimize customer experience, major international logistics companies have introduced advanced technologies, among which rapid measurement of cargo volume has become an important breakthrough.

Recently, SF Express Japan purchased the GM210 dynamic DWS device again after purchasing the GM200 dynamic DWS device from Yifang Technology in the early stage. This important move not only reflects the excellent performance and stable quality of Yifang Technology's DWS equipment, but also demonstrates the customer's deep trust and love for the Yifang Technology brand.

Customer feedback shows that after using the Yifang Technology DWS device, the package processing process that originally took about 15 seconds was shortened to about 1 second, and the efficiency was increased by more than 10 times. At the same time, the collected package data is more accurate, which improves the service quality.

GM210 volume measurement equipment

GM210 is a light curtain volume measurement equipment independently developed by Yifang Technology. It consists of two pairs of light curtains, barcode scanning lenses, high-precision roller scales, belt lines and industrial computers. It can realize functions such as "measurement + weighing + barcode scanning + photo taking + input" within 1 second. It is fast and efficient, and can be connected to sorting, effectively helping enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

GM210 dynamic DWS parameters

Measuring range: 10*3*0.5-180*90*90cm

Measurement accuracy: 1mm

Weighing range: 60kg

Weighing accuracy: 10g

Measuring speed: 1500 pieces/hour

Equipment size: 280*150*270cm

This time, SF Express Japan repurchased GM210 dynamic DWS. The customer's choice is the best recognition of Yifang Technology's technical strength, product quality and service level! If you also have needs for volume measurement, weighing, barcode scanning, sorting, intelligent warehousing equipment, etc., please contact customer service to discuss the most suitable product solutions for you!


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