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International logistics volume measurement DWS equipment reduces costs and increases efficiency

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-04-10 11:37

  International logistics volume measurement DWS equipment reduces costs and increases efficiency

  Today, as globalization is accelerating, measuring the volume of goods is a very important part of international logistics. Traditional methods of measuring the volume of goods, such as manual measurement, caliper estimation, volume scales, etc., are not only inefficient, but also have large errors and are difficult to Meeting the efficient and precise requirements of modern logistics. DWS equipment not only improves the efficiency and accuracy of logistics operations, but also significantly reduces human and material costs, injecting strong impetus into the development of enterprises.

  Why does international logistics need to measure volume?

  1. Determine freight: In shipping, land transportation and air transportation, freight calculation is often based on the volume or weight of the goods (calculated according to the larger of the two). Therefore, the volume of goods directly affects the level of freight.

  2. Plan loading: The volume of cargo determines how to load and arrange it in the transportation vehicle (such as a container or aircraft cargo hold). Without accurate volume information, loading becomes difficult.

  3. Meet specification requirements: Some goods may have special volume requirements, for example, some specific products require specific storage space. Without accurate volume measurements, there is no way to ensure that these needs are met.

  Automated DWS equipment to quickly measure volume

  In order to solve the measurement problems in the international logistics industry, Yifang Technology has launched automated DWS equipment, which can quickly and accurately measure the volume of goods, weigh, scan codes, take photos and evidence, and data docking systems with millimeter-level measurement accuracy, and has widely used it. Go to various industries and become leaders in this field. Up to now, SF Express, Jitu, China Post, Sinotrans, Eternal Asia, Pavilion Logistics, Daoli Logistics, Huating International, China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Speed, China National Technology Logistics, Best, etc. Well-known companies are using Yifang Technology DWS equipment. The technology, products and services have been unanimously recognized and praised by customers.

  Advantages of automated DWS equipment

  High precision: The volume measurement accuracy of DWS equipment can be as high as 1mm. It supports the measurement of regular/irregular items, the measurement of any material, the measurement of any position, and the measurement of ultra-thin parts/small and medium-sized packages/large goods. The measurement range can be customized.

  Automatic code scanning and weighing: DWS equipment can automatically scan and weigh the measured items. It supports single-sided code scanning/multi-sided code scanning. The weighing accuracy can be as high as ±1g, and the weighing range can be customized.

  Photo evidence collection and docking system: The photo evidence collection function of DWS equipment can automatically intercept a color physical photo corresponding to the package measurement image as well as barcode and size information when the goods are measured, providing protection for the goods and avoiding disputes. The docking system function can dock all measurement data and images to the enterprise WMS/ERP system to facilitate unified management of the enterprise.


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