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Intelligent warehousing DWS equipment leader in measurement field

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-03-15 11:47

  Intelligent warehousing DWS equipment leader in measurement field

  With the continuous development of the logistics industry, volume data, weight, and barcode information are becoming more and more important. How to quickly collect length, width, height, weight, and barcode information has become a common problem faced by many enterprises. Traditional methods such as manual measurement, caliper estimation, Volume scales, etc. are not only inefficient but also have large errors, making it difficult to meet the efficient and accurate requirements of modern logistics. In order to solve the measurement problem, smart warehousing DWS equipment was launched and widely used in various industries, becoming a leader in the field of measurement.

  Intelligent warehousing DWS equipment

  DWS equipment is the abbreviation of Dimension volume, Weight weighing, and Scanning code scanning. It can be mainly divided into: dynamic DWS, static DWS, pallet large cargo DWS and multi-face scanning DWS. It is a kind of integrated measurement volume, weighing, scanning, Intelligent warehousing equipment that integrates data; when bulk goods are put into storage, the length, width and height information can be quickly measured and palletized into pallets for shipment. Compared with traditional manual measurement methods, intelligent warehousing equipment can effectively improve the operational efficiency and measurement of logistics warehouses. Data accuracy.

  The following is an introduction to smart warehousing DWS equipment:

  Static DWS——GS210Y

  Static DWS is generally used in semi-automatic operating environments. It is necessary to manually place the goods to be measured into the measurement area of the equipment, and then the equipment measures the volume and weight of the goods and stores the data to the computer or uploads it to the warehouse system.

  GS210Y is a lifting rod-type static DWS that can measure the weight and size of objects with high precision, supports measurement of regular/irregular items, supports manual/automatic scanning, and supports data system docking. The size measurement range is 5*5*5-80*80*80cm, the accuracy is millimeter level, the weighing accuracy is up to ±5g, and the cargo measurement efficiency is 1 second. A mobile cart can be added to make it easy to move the device freely (can be equipped with a rechargeable battery), and can be customized for more needs.

  Belt fastener——GS210P

  GS210P adopts industrial 3D camera and industrial pressure sensor, which is stable, reliable and accurate in measurement. It can realize the functions of volume measurement, barcode scanning, weighing, sorting and data upload of regular and irregular goods. It can divide one into two, one into four, etc. One-point eight-product sorting, specific sorting data can be customized, simplified design, small footprint, powerful functions, high sorting efficiency, a powerful assistant for logistics enterprises in sorting!

  Dynamic DWS——GM210

  Dynamic DWS equipment can generally be used to integrate warehouse assembly lines, linking security inspection machines, telescopic machines, drum lines, etc. at the front end, and linking sorting equipment at the back end, automating the warehouse operation process, reducing a large amount of manual work, and reducing labor costs. cost while effectively improving the operating efficiency of logistics companies.

  GM210 is a dynamic DWS device that integrates measurement, weighing, QR code scanning, photography and evidence collection, and docking system. In terms of dimensional measurement, thanks to core technology, even under high-speed dynamic conditions, the best measurement accuracy is ±1mm, and the cargo processing efficiency can reach 1,500 pieces/hour. The GM210Pro processing efficiency can reach 3,000 pieces/hour, and the back-end is sorted. , more needs can be customized.

  Balance wheel sorting machine

  Balance wheel sorter (also known as deflection wheel sorter, rotatable wheel sorter) is composed of an electric drum (wheel), steering device, control system and frame. It realizes the transmission of items through the rotation of the electric drum. , through the servo motor and steering module to change the left and right direction and angle of the electric drum to achieve the diversion of items. The balance wheel sorter can transport various packages such as cartons, waterproof bags, and woven bags under 50kg, as well as some non-standard packaging items with irregular shapes but flat bottoms, at a speed of 2m/s and 6,000 pieces/hour. The products are widely used in postal, express delivery, e-commerce logistics and distribution centers and other occasions for high-speed sorting.

  Cross belt sorting equipment

  The cross-belt sorter is composed of tracks, trolleys, trolley belts, reading systems and communication systems. It can be divided into straight-line cross-belts and circular cross-belts. When working, the sorted items can be placed manually or automatically. On the trolley belt, when the trolley travels to the destination sorting position, the control system sends a signal and drives the belt to complete the task of sorting and delivering items. Among them, the annular cross belt has a flat annular layout, the main line speed can reach 2 meters per second, and the sorting efficiency is 22,000 pieces/hour; the straight cross belt has a straight line layout, the main line speed can reach 1.5 meters per second, and the sorting efficiency is 8,000 pieces/hour. Cross-belt sorters are widely used in various types of sorting sites such as express delivery, e-commerce, clothing, food, cosmetics, airports, medicine, etc. that require high sorting efficiency, multiple sorting directions, and strict space requirements.

  Pallet volume measurement of large goods - GS300

  Palletized goods DWS can be used to measure the volume and weight of palletized goods or large goods. It is often used with floor scales and mobile forklifts. It can solve the problems of difficult and time-consuming manual measurement of palletized goods and improve the accuracy of measurement data.

  GS300 is a DWS equipment specially designed to measure pallets and bulk goods. It supports ceiling-mounted, column-mounted, and wall-mounted installations, and supports unmanned forklifts, AGVs, and power roller operations. In terms of dimensional measurement, the measurement range can be customized as needed, you can choose to measure whole pallets or rejected pallets, and support regular/irregular pallet cargo measurement. Cooperate with floor scale weighing to automatically connect the required data to the enterprise system.

  In addition to intelligent warehousing equipment, a truck loading volume measurement system has also been launched, which is widely used in mines, construction sites, measuring stations, monitoring stations, sand and gravel fields, grain stations, etc.

  Truck volume measurement——GS400

  GS400 uses high-speed lidar to accurately obtain the three-dimensional contour size data of the vehicle, and then integrates the image data obtained by the camera to perform artificial intelligence analysis through artificial intelligence algorithms to measure the volume of the vehicle. The measurement can be completed in 15 seconds with an error of 3 Within %, the data can be connected to the management system.

  Volume measurement lens——GS232

  GS232 volume measurement lens can provide customers with the most cost-effective dynamic measurement solution. The streamlined design meets the various customization needs of users, and users can develop any development based on this device. Customers can make customized modifications to the system based on application needs to create a tailor-made irregular cargo measurement system with the greatest cost-effectiveness, highest accuracy, and strong functionality.

  Up to now, smart DWS equipment has been widely used in various industries. The use of these equipment not only improves logistics efficiency and reduces logistics costs, but also optimizes logistics management. If you also have volume measurement, weighing, and code scanning, , sorting, smart warehousing, etc., please contact customer service to discuss the product solutions that are most suitable for you!


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