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How to choose DWS equipment by measuring volume, weighing and scanning QR code

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-01-24 11:08

In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce, there are more and more logistics packages. During transportation, it is very important to accurately measure the volume and weight of packages. The DWS device is a smart device that integrates automatic weighing, code scanning and size measurement functions. The equipment, by measuring the size and weight of packages, can help logistics companies achieve more efficient and accurate logistics services, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

How to choose DWS equipment by measuring volume, weighing and scanning QR code

Understand the functional requirements of the equipment: Before selecting equipment, you must first clarify your measurement requirements. Equipment that requires functions such as measuring, weighing, scanning, and taking photos needs to be connected to the assembly line and equipment such as sorting machines, carton sealing machines, and labeling machines.

Consider measurement accuracy: The measurement accuracy of the equipment is a key factor. Whether the measurement accuracy of the logistics DWS equipment meets the standard and is within the acceptable error range. Choose equipment with high-precision sensors and advanced measurement technology to ensure accuracy.

Convenience of operation: Logistics DWS has many optional functions. Equipment that is simple and convenient to operate should be selected to facilitate staff to complete the measurement work quickly and accurately.

Consider dynamic or static measurements: Choose dynamic or static measurement equipment based on actual needs. Dynamic measurement equipment is suitable for integrating warehouse assembly lines to realize automated operations; static measurement equipment is suitable for measurement needs in specific scenarios.

Consider data management: Choose equipment with good data management capabilities that can easily store and export measurement data for analysis and reporting, helping companies better manage logistics processes and make decisions.

Consider price: Choose suitable equipment within your budget and consider the performance and price of the equipment to find the most cost-effective equipment.

Consider after-sales service: Good after-sales service can ensure the stable operation of equipment and reduce the impact of equipment failure on logistics operations. Choose an equipment supplier with a complete after-sales service system.

Yifang Technology, a high-quality DWS equipment manufacturer

Yifang Technology is a national high-tech enterprise. Its products cover dynamic DWS, static DWS, pallet/bulk measurement, truck volume measurement, multi-sided scanning equipment, belt fasteners, and sorting equipment, which can meet the various needs of logistics and freight forwarding e-commerce companies. A variety of application scenarios, and supports customization to meet the different needs of customers in different industries and effectively solve various pain points.

Dynamic DWS device

Dynamic DWS equipment can generally be used to integrate warehouse assembly lines, linking security inspection machines, telescopic machines, drum lines, etc. at the front end, and linking sorting equipment at the back end, automating the warehouse operation process, reducing a large amount of manual work, and reducing costs. Labor costs can be effectively improved at the same time as the operating efficiency of logistics enterprises.

GM210 dynamic DWS integrates measurement formula + weighing + code scanning + photo evidence collection + docking system. In terms of dimensional measurement, thanks to core technology, even under high-speed dynamic conditions, the average measurement accuracy can still be as high as ±1mm, and the cargo processing efficiency can reach 1,500 pieces/hour. The GM210Pro processing efficiency can reach 3,000 pieces/hour, and the back-end processing Sorting, more needs can be customized.

Static DWS device

Static DWS is generally used in semi-automatic operating environments. The goods to be measured need to be manually placed in the measurement area of the equipment. The equipment then measures the volume and weight of the goods and stores the data to the computer or uploads it to the warehouse system.

GS210Y can measure the weight and size of objects with high precision, supports measurement of regular/irregular items, supports manual/automatic scanning, and supports data system docking. The size measurement range is 5*5*5-80*80*80cm, the accuracy is millimeter level, the weighing accuracy is up to ±5g, and the cargo measurement efficiency is 1 second. A mobile cart can be added to make it easy to move the device freely (can be equipped with a rechargeable battery), and can be customized for more needs.

Pallet bulk cargo DWS equipment

Pallet cargo DWS can be used to measure the volume and weight of pallet cargo or large cargo. It is often used with floor scales and mobile forklifts. It can solve the problems of difficult and time-consuming manual measurement of pallet cargo and improve the accuracy of measurement data.

GS300 can be used to measure the size of palletized goods or oversized objects. It supports ceiling or column installation, and also supports movable rotating pallet type. In terms of dimensional measurement, the measurement range can be customized as needed, you can choose to measure whole pallets or rejected pallets, and support regular/irregular pallet cargo measurement. Cooperate with floor scale weighing to automatically connect the required data to the enterprise system.

To sum up, choosing a suitable DWS device for measuring volume, weighing and scanning code requires comprehensive consideration of multiple factors. Yifang Technology's DWS equipment can improve logistics efficiency and reduce costs. If you also have needs in volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, sorting, etc., please contact Yifang Technology to discuss the product solutions that are most suitable for you!


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