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Improved warehouse efficiency = increased cargo volume. Volume measuring equipment is here to help.

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-11-23 14:54

Improved warehouse efficiency = increased cargo volume. Volume measuring equipment is here to help.

At present, the cross-border e-commerce industry is in a stage of rapid development. For example, promotional activities such as "Double 11" and "6·18" will bring a large number of goods orders. In the process of entering and exiting the warehouse, volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, Taking pictures, data docking, and sorting are very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Improved warehouse efficiency means that goods are processed faster in the warehouse, and the storage, sorting, and distribution of goods can be completed faster. This allows the warehouse to handle more goods per unit time and improves the throughput of the warehouse. Therefore, volume measurement equipment has become the best choice for many logistics and freight forwarding companies.

Traditional manual volume measurement

The operation is very limited: the package must be fixed on the corner of the measuring table and close to the measuring table to ensure that the distance between the set square and the measuring table is the size of the package;

Large measurement errors: Manual measurement is affected by reading deviations, manual management issues, data entry errors and other factors, and is prone to inaccurate measurements, resulting in customer complaints and losses;

Difficulty in measuring: It is difficult to measure the size of irregular goods such as bulges and special-shaped parts, and it is also troublesome to measure the size of long packages and large packages;

Low measurement efficiency: One person takes the package measurement readings, and another person records and enters it into the system. Not only is the labor cost high, but the measurement efficiency is low.

What is a volume measuring device

DWS is the abbreviation of Dimension (Volume), Weight (Weighing), and Scanning (Scanning). It is a kind of information that can integrate the volume, weight, barcode and other information of regular (irregular) goods.

Why use volume measuring equipment?

High accuracy: The measurement error of length, width and height of the volume measuring equipment is within ±5cm.

Efficient measurement: Volume measurement equipment adopts advanced measurement technology, which can quickly and accurately obtain cargo information and improve measurement efficiency.

Intelligent operation: Volume measurement equipment can be seamlessly connected with the logistics management system to achieve intelligent operation and improve logistics management efficiency.

Adaptable: Volume measuring equipment can adapt to various types of large and small packages, pallets and trucks, with wide applicability.

Improving warehouse efficiency can also reduce labor costs, reduce workers' workload in the warehouse, and reduce labor intensity. This can make workers more efficient, improve workers' job satisfaction, and reduce staff turnover. Yifan Technology volume measurement equipment is an efficient, accurate, and intelligent cargo measurement system that can improve logistics management efficiency and reduce logistics costs. .


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