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Pinduoduo purchases Yifang Technology DWS equipment in bulk, volume measurement and weighing all-in-one machine

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-11-10 14:42

Pinduoduo purchases Yifang Technology DWS equipment in bulk, volume measurement and weighing all-in-one machine

Pinduoduo is a mainstream e-commerce application product on the domestic mobile Internet. Pinduoduo users can initiate group buying with friends, family, neighbors, etc. to buy the goods they need at a lower price. Pinduoduo gathers the power of more people to buy better things at lower prices.

facing problems

As business volume continues to grow, warehouse operation efficiency also urgently needs to be improved. During the process of goods entering and exiting the warehouse, information such as the volume, weight and barcode of the package needs to be collected, based on which the freight is calculated, and various data are connected to the system for storage. At the same time, photos are taken for evidence collection to ensure that the goods entering and exiting the warehouse are traceable and avoid size and freight disputes. To this end, Pinduoduo compared and screened major equipment suppliers through public bidding to find the most suitable DWS volume measurement solution.


Based on the specific needs of Pinduoduo warehouse, Yifang Technology provides a static DWS (GS210Y) + dynamic DWS (GM210) solution, which can efficiently and automatically collect information such as the volume, weight and barcode of goods, and the data docking system has greatly improved Warehouse operating efficiency.

Static DWS-GS210Y parameters

Measuring range: 5*5*5-80*80*80cm

Measurement accuracy: millimeter level

Weighing range: 100kg

Weighing accuracy: ±10g

Measurement efficiency: 1 second/piece

Dynamic DWS-GM210 parameters

Measuring range: 10*0.5*0.5-180*90*90cm

Measurement accuracy: ±1mm

Weighing range: 100kg

Weighing accuracy: ±10g

Equipment highlights: can be connected to the assembly line for automatic sorting

Meaning of cooperation

This time, Yifang Technology cooperated with Pinduoduo to provide nearly a hundred DWS equipment for many of Pinduoduo's warehouses. It said goodbye to the traditional manual measurement method. The entire process of scanning, weighing, volume measurement, taking photos and evidence collection, and docking the system is simple and fast. , greatly improving work efficiency, reducing a lot of manual workload, truly achieving cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and achieving a win-win situation for both parties!

Yifang Technology focuses on cargo volume measurement and is the leading measurement expert in the industry. If you also have needs for volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, sorting, etc., please feel free to contact us for consultation. Yifang Technology, explore the product solutions that are most suitable for you!


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