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How to measure the volume is fast, accurate, and stable DWS equipment to become a good helper for e -commerce logistics

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-09-27 14:20

How to measure the volume is fast, accurate, and stable DWS equipment to become a good helper for e -commerce logistics

With the improvement of the level of refined management and operation of enterprises, the volume, weight, and barcodes are used as the three basic data of logistics target objects. How to fully realize accurate, automated, and intelligent data collection is a problem that enterprises urgently need to solve. The emergence of DWS equipment effectively solves the problem of single traditional logistics methods, has a high code reading error rate, fluctuating volume measurement efficiency, and rising labor costs. It is becoming an indispensable intelligent means for the logistics industry.

DWS equipment volume measurement advantage

1. High -precision: Traditional cargo handling methods require manual operation, which not only takes time and effort, but also prone to errors. DWS equipment uses digital technology, which has high precision and high sensitivity. It only takes 1 second to achieve accuracy ± 1mm, not only not only It greatly reduces the fault tolerance rate and can also achieve very accurate weight detection.

2. High reliability: DWS equipment adopts advanced technology and materials, has high reliability and long life, and can run stably in a very harsh working environment.

3. High efficiency: Cargo handling often requires the cooperation of multiple people, which not only wastes time and affects work efficiency. DWS equipment uses digital technology to achieve high -efficiency weight detection and data processing, greatly improving work efficiency and production efficiency.

4. Multi -function: DWS device can achieve different functions and customized needs according to different application scenarios, with strong flexibility and multifunctionality.

Small part of volume measurement scheme

GS210Y minimum measurement of 5*5*5cm goods, maximum Chinese goods with a maximum measurement of 80*80*80cm; with 3D visual measurement scheme, the measurement accuracy millimeter level, the best measurement accuracy 10g. , Scan the code, enter, calculate, support high -definition photos and store each cargo photo, and use Excel/HTTP/TCP/serial port to connect the warehouse management system/database. Upload data information to the cloud in one click. Cross -border e -commerce two application scenarios of small parts of small parts.

Dynamic volume measurement scheme

The GM210 consists of two pairs of light curtains, code scanning lens, roller titles, belt lines, and industrial computers. It can be achieved in 1S functions such as "quantity+weighing+code scanning+camera+entry". 90cm; measurement accuracy ± 1mm, optimal measurement accuracy 10g, supporting 40 checked high -speed operations, can effectively help enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency.

Large -piece volume measurement scheme

GS300 can be measured 60*60*60-150*150*180cm (customized), weighing 1T (customized), you can choose a whole tray or remove the tray measurement, support rules/irregular tray cargo measurement, and automatically generate 3D automatic generating 3D Point cloud map, at the same time, has the function of taking photos and obtaining certificates, automatically connects the required data to the enterprise system. The accuracy, time consumption, and high efficiency will not only save artificial costs for enterprises, but also guarantee the accuracy Service level, improve customer satisfaction.

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