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[Good News] Yifang Technology entered the final of the 15th China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-08-29 14:39

  [Good News] Yifang Technology entered the final of the 15th China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

  China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (referred to as "Shenzhen Competition" or "Competition") is an authoritative competition for public welfare innovation and entrepreneurship sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. , Qianhai Administration, and the promotion channels for the qualifiers held by colleges and universities.

  On May 26, 2023, the 15th China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was officially launched in Shenzhen Broadcasting Financial Center.

  According to reports, since the start of this competition, Shenzhen Yifang Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully advanced to the final by virtue of its "hard technology", an expert in intelligent goods measurement and storage, after going through preliminary competitions and semi-finals.

  Scan the QR code to download the attachment to view the list of finalists (Yifang Technology serial number 75)

  About Yifang Technology

  Shenzhen Yifang Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise, which has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2018. Its self-developed Goodscan series products can quickly and accurately obtain the volume, weight, barcode and other information of regular (irregular) goods. Up to now, Yifang Technology's volume measurement equipment has gone abroad and exported to many overseas countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy.

  company's product

  GS100 Handheld PDA

  GS100 is a mobile handheld measurement PDA, small in size and easy to carry; the measurement range is between 5*5*5~200*200*200cm, and it only takes 0.5s to obtain the cargo volume after taking a photo, with the best accuracy of 5mm; using The 4G/WIFI/USB peripheral interface can upload cargo data information to the cloud with one click, realizing data sharing and convenient traceability. Applicable scenarios: goods in and out of warehouses in supermarkets, couriers picking up goods at the door, etc.

  GM200 dynamic DWS+ sorting

  GM200 light curtain dynamic dws, the equipment is composed of two pairs of light curtains, scanning lens, drum scale, belt line and industrial computer, can measure 1.8*0.9*0.9m, measurement accuracy ±1mm, weighing 100kg, weighing accuracy 10g, It can realize functions such as "measurement + weighing + scanning + photo + input" within 1 second. It is fast and efficient. It can be docked and sorted, and supports efficient sorting of multiple bayonets, which can effectively help enterprises reduce costs and increase costs. effect.

  GS210Y Static DWS

  GS210Y is a small and medium-sized goods measurement solution specially provided for logistics and warehousing; it supports regular and irregular measurement, and can measure small goods with a minimum of 5*5*5cm and a maximum of 80×80×80cm; with a 3D visual measurement solution, the measurement accuracy Millimeter level, the best weight measurement accuracy is 1g; one-step completion of body measurement, weighing, code scanning, input, and calculation, supports high-definition photography and storage of each cargo photo, and uses Excel/Http/TCP/serial port to connect to warehouse management system/ Database, one-click upload data information to the cloud, providing intelligent logistics solutions.

  GS210P (Belt Kuaishou)

  GS210P automatic code scanning, weighing and sorting equipment adopts industrial code scanning cameras and industrial pressure sensors, which are stable and reliable. It can realize the functions of barcode scanning, weighing, sorting and data uploading of regular and irregular goods, scan in seconds, automatic sorting, accurate and efficient, volume measurement at millimeter level, weighing accuracy ± 1g, sorting efficiency up to 1800 -2500 pieces/hour.

  GS300 pallet volume measurement

  GS300 Pallet Volume Measurement System can measure 60*60*60-150*150*180cm (customizable), weighing 1T (customizable), can choose to measure the whole pallet or remove the pallet, and support the measurement of regular/irregular pallet goods , can also automatically generate 3D point cloud images, and at the same time have the function of taking photos and obtaining evidence, and automatically connect the required data to the enterprise system, with accurate accuracy, short time consumption, and high efficiency, which not only saves labor costs for the enterprise, but also ensures data accuracy. , It is conducive to improving the service level of enterprises and improving customer satisfaction.

  GS400 truck volume measurement system

  GS400 Truck Dimension Measuring Instrument can automatically measure the truck length, width and height of the truck rail loading volume (one time for each empty truck and full truck). Measuring range 4.2*2*2-25*3*4m, volume error within 3%, real-time detection and entry of vehicle data, data storage, data export, data monitoring, real-time display of 3D graphics, calculation and measurement of vehicle volume and loading material volume Fast, high precision, obtain vehicle weight data, real-time weighing, reduce vehicle accidents, and escort road safety.

  Yifang Technology focuses on cargo volume measurement. Dynamic DWS, static DWS, ultra-thin piece measurement, small and medium package volume measurement, pallet large cargo volume measurement, truck volume measurement, multi-faceted code scanning equipment... a variety of product models are available, and It can be customized according to different needs of customers. If you also have needs for volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, sorting, etc., please contact Yifang Technology to discuss the most suitable product solution for you!


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