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Truck volume measurement system Yifang Technology GS400 volume error within 3%

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-05-04 17:45

  Truck volume measurement system Yifang Technology GS400 volume error within 3%

  GS400 is a new generation of truck volume measurement system developed by Yifang Technology. It can accurately measure the volume of trucks. It can measure the volume of trucks up to 25m*3m*4.5m. The measurement error of length, width and height is ±5cm, and the volume error is controlled within 3%. .

  Measuring principle:

  After the equipment gantry is installed on the site, the empty vehicle passes through the automatic recognition of the license plate, and the volume information of the empty vehicle is measured and recorded; after the truck is loaded with goods, the vehicle is sliced again through the lens scanners on the left and right sides of the gantry, and synthesized and calculated by software algorithms. The length, width and height of the outline of the goods.

  Measurement advantages: ToF technology measurement principle, long measurement distance, not affected by light; laser radar-assisted measurement, high precision and fast speed; automatic identification of license plate and vehicle body; fast modeling of vehicles, calculation of volume through advanced software algorithms; measurement The data is directly connected to the system and uploaded to the cloud.

  Actual scene application:

  1. Construction site

  It is used to measure the volume of sand, gravel, earthwork and other goods, which is convenient for counting the daily workload

  2. Sand and gravel collection site

  It can quickly obtain the volume of sand and gravel loaded on the truck, and complete the cost calculation, which is efficient and convenient

  3. Road section detection

  After measuring the volume of the empty vehicle, the volume and weight can be measured by passing the same road section twice, which can be used to judge whether it is overweight or exceeds the height limit.

  In addition to truck volume measurement equipment, in the field of logistics, Yifang Technology products can effectively measure the volume of cargo packages, whether it is small cargo, medium cargo, large cargo, whole pallet cargo, or irregular soft package or ultra-thin cargo, it can be accurately and effectively measured Measuring volume and weight can help companies improve operating efficiency and reduce operating costs.


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