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Yifang Technology successfully won the bid for Thermo Fisher's intelligent warehouse cargo data collection project

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-12-13 16:13

  Yifang Technology successfully won the bid for Thermo Fisher's intelligent warehouse cargo data collection project

  Good news

  In December 2022, Yifang Technology successfully won the bid with absolute advantages in the bidding of Thermo Fisher Scientific's warehousing information collection project, relying on its strong technical research and development strength, good market reputation and corporate reputation.

  There are a large number of suppliers participating in the bidding, and the competition is very fierce. After several times of communication, adjustment and comparison, from the initial confirmation of the bidding, and then the submission of the company's qualifications, to the final comprehensive comparison test, Yifang Technology has obtained from many Standing out among the bidders, defeating other competitors, was recognized by Thermo Fisher Scientific, and won the order of DWS equipment for large-scale measurement and small-medium-size measurement.

  NO.1 Company Introduction

  Thermo Fisher Scientific Corporation is a listed company, a global leader in scientific services, with an annual revenue of more than 20 billion US dollars and 65,000 employees worldwide. Its domestic business is mainly medical device research and development, manufacturing and sales.

  In the customer warehouse, the goods need to be classified and stored in the vertical warehouse. The usual method is to classify and pack the bulk goods into pallets, and then measure the size, volume and barcode information of each pallet of goods. The data is entered into the system and then stored in categories. This method not only needs to invest more labor, but also has low operating efficiency and high operating costs for enterprises.

  NO.2 solution

  Considering that the customer needs to pack the goods into a pallet shape when entering the warehouse, and there are some bulk goods, we provide customers with the volume measurement DWS of large pallet goods and the DWS solution of small and medium goods volume measurement.

  The GS300 series is specially developed for large-scale cargo. It supports the data collection of whole pallets and pallet-free cargo. It adopts wall-mounted or gantry-mounted installation, which occupies a small area. The multi-lens joint measurement has an accuracy of ±1%, and can cooperate with AGV unmanned Forklift operation, the efficiency is 2-3s/piece, you can refer to the previous delivery cases:

  The GS200 series is specially developed for small and medium-sized goods. It can be divided into static and dynamic measurement models. It supports the measurement of small and medium-sized goods. It can be connected to the assembly line and used with sorting machines, sealing machines, labeling machines and other equipment. The measurement accuracy can reach ±1mm, and the efficiency is high. 3000 pieces/hour, you can refer to the past delivery cases:

  NO.3 Significance of cooperation

  Yifang Technology won the bid for Thermo Fisher Scientific's warehouse information collection project. On the one hand, it provided customers with an efficient package data collection solution, which helped reduce the overall cost of the enterprise and improve operating efficiency; on the other hand, it also showed the technical strength of Yifang Technology And market reputation has been recognized.

  We will continue to increase investment in research and development, deepen the field of smart logistics cargo information collection, bring more efficient and intelligent solutions to the industry, help enterprises transform and upgrade, and achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


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