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nternational logistics weight measurement and volume weight volume measurement DWS is efficient and accurate

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-11-01 15:10

  International logistics weight measurement and volume weight volume measurement DWS is efficient and accurate

  In international logistics transportation, there are two main ways to calculate freight: weight and volume weight.

  The first is to calculate the transportation cost by weight, which is easy to measure. The weight data can be obtained by weighing the goods, and then the logistics cost can be calculated according to the charging standard.

  The second is to calculate the transportation cost by calculating the volume and weight. The calculation formula is as follows:

  Volume weight=length cm × Width cm × Height cm/6000 (calculated according to the actual situation)

  The converted weight of cargo volume is greater than the actual weight of cargo, which is generally calculated according to the volume weight; When the converted weight of cargo volume is less than the actual weight of cargo, it will be calculated according to the actual weight.

  General logistics enterprises collect parcel data manually, and then calculate the volume, weight and other information of express parcels. The process of collecting parcel data in this way is complex, requires more manual collaboration, and the accuracy of the measured data is different, increasing the daily operating costs of enterprises.

  When irregular parcels are encountered in manual measurement, the measurement accuracy and efficiency cannot be guaranteed. Is there any way to improve the efficiency of cargo information collection and calculate logistics transportation costs efficiently and accurately?

  Of course, DWS can accurately obtain the size, weight, barcode and other information of goods through volume measurement, quickly complete the cargo transportation cost accounting, help enterprises save labor costs, improve operational efficiency, and achieve the optimization of economic benefits.

  Taking Yifang GM200Pro as an example, the equipment is composed of two pairs of light screens, scanning lenses, roller scales, belt lines and industrial computers. It can realize the functions of "measuring+weighing+scanning+photographing+input" within 1s. It is fast and efficient, and can effectively help enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

  GM200Pro adopts light curtain measurement technology and exclusive measurement algorithm, which can measure both regular and irregular packages. The best measurement accuracy is ± 1mm, and the efficiency can reach 3000 pieces/hour.

  In international logistics operations, such volume measurement DWS equipment can accurately and quickly collect the size and weight information of various types of packages, quickly calculate the transportation cost of goods, and help enterprises reduce labor and perform efficient logistics operations.


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