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How to quickly measure the volume and weight of FBA packages

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-10-25 14:18

  How to quickly measure the volume and weight of FBA packages

  First of all, we should understand that the first journey of FBA generally includes three modes: air transportation, sea transportation and international express delivery.

  Air freight cost accounting

  Air freight charges are generally determined by the actual weight and volume weight, and the actual weight is calculated in kilograms; The volume can be calculated as follows:

  Weight (kg)=cargo volume (m3)/0.006

  Weight (kg)=Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)/6000

  Ocean freight accounting

  Sea transportation is the cheapest mode of transportation, and the cost is generally charged by the actual weight or volume:

  Ocean freight=freight rate × Freight ton=basic freight rate × (1+sum of surcharges) × the volume of freight transport.

  International express billing

  International express delivery is generally calculated as 0.5kg, with the first weight plus the continuous weight; If the product is more than 21kg, regardless of the first weight and additional weight, it will be charged as 1kg.

  General charging formula: freight=first weight+(total weight kg × 2-1 First weight) × Continuous weight

  In the final analysis, the cost of logistics is ultimately determined by the volume and weight. Only when the volume and weight are accurately measured can the freight be most accurate, so that higher logistics transportation costs will not occur.

  In the field of volume measurement of logistics packages, Yifang Technology has always been at the leading level in the industry. The Goodscan series of measuring, weighing and scanning all-in-one machines developed by Yifang Technology can efficiently collect the volume, weight, barcode and other information of various types of packages, accurately calculate the freight, and the data can be connected to the system at the same time.

  Mobile handset: just take a photo of the goods, you can identify the barcode, obtain the size and volume information, manually enter the weight, and upload the data with one key.

  Static measurement model: it can measure conventional small and medium-sized parcels, manually put the goods in the measurement area, and collect size and weight information in only 1s, with measurement accuracy up to millimeter level.

  Dynamic measurement: It is connected to the belt conveyor line and assembly line without manual intervention. It can automatically measure, weigh and scan the code, and the efficiency can reach 3000 pieces/hour.

  Large goods measurement: mainly for large goods of more than 1m, it can be installed in the form of gantry/wall hanging, etc., multi position lens joint measurement, support docking AGV forklift, whole support/without pallet measurement, and the measurement accuracy is ± 5mm.

  Only when the weight and volume of goods are accurately measured can the freight be accurately calculated. If you also want this DWS equipment for measuring the volume of express packages, it can help you save labor costs and improve operating efficiency, so you can learn about it in the background.


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