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The DWS data of express parcel volume measurement is uploaded to the system

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-10-12 18:08

  The DWS data of express parcel volume measurement is uploaded to the system

  Express package volume measurement DWS

  At present, there are many kinds of equipment for measuring the volume of express parcels, but there is a great limit in measuring irregular parcels. The volume of irregular parcels needs to be obtained through other auxiliary tools.

  The DWS equipment for volume measurement can help enterprises quickly collect the size, volume, weight, barcode and other information of regular/irregular/soft bag ultrathin express packages. Compared with manual measurement, the efficiency and accuracy are better guaranteed.

  Take Goodscan volume measurement DWS equipment as an example:

  The current mainstream 3D vision and light screen measurement technology is adopted. Through the combination of multiple lenses and sensors, the measurement accuracy can reach ± 1mm and the speed is 1s/piece, which well meets the needs of enterprises for measurement speed and accuracy. The measured data also supports docking with enterprise systems to achieve data information sharing.

  The measurement accuracy is ± 1mm, which is a leading level in the industry and can meet the needs of most enterprises in various use scenarios.

  Advantages of volume measuring equipment

  Package data acquisition speed is as fast as 1s/piece

  The measurement accuracy is guaranteed, and the error is ± 1mm

  Automatic data collection without manual intervention

  It can interface with any system and automatically upload data

  Volume measurement DWS equipment is not only used in the express logistics industry, but also commonly used in e-commerce, medical, manufacturing and other fields for goods warehousing and expense accounting. It helps many enterprises reduce employment costs, improve comprehensive operation efficiency, and achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase.

  If you also need to measure the volume of express packages, you can learn about the Goodscan series of all-in-one weighing and scanning machines.


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