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How to select cost-effective equipment for volume measurement DWS

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-10-08 11:19

  How to select cost-effective equipment for volume measurement DWS

  DWS is the abbreviation of Dimension, Weight and Scanning. It is an intelligent equipment that can complete automatic volume measurement, weighing, scanning and other work of goods in an integrated way. At present, it has been widely used in logistics, warehousing, e-commerce, manufacturing, medical and other fields. Of course, the application scope of DWS equipment is far beyond these, as long as it is applicable to industries involving size, volume, weight and code scanning requirements. The wide application of DWS equipment helps more and more enterprises reduce labor costs, improve efficiency and optimize economic benefits.

  Taking the logistics industry as an example, with the improvement of refined management and operation level in the logistics industry, the application ratio of DWS equipment is rapidly increasing year by year. The acquisition of volume data has multiple meanings and values for different logistics application scenarios. Common application scenarios include:

  (1) Billing basis: In various logistics subdivisions such as FBA logistics, volume data is an important billing basis for package freight settlement;

  (2) Stowage optimization: since the majority of freight traffic is made up of pickles, the volume data based stowage optimization is of great value and is the main objective of subsequent transportation cost optimization;

  (3) Picking review and packaging optimization: Volume data is an important basis for picking review, and can also be used for packaging optimization, saving a lot of packaging and subsequent transportation costs;

  (4) Warehousing management: In logistics, warehousing and even general industrial industries, the volume data of inbound and outbound goods is one of the basic management data;

  (5) Sorting optimization: In many automatic sorting systems (including narrow belt type, swing wheel type, cross belt type, etc.), the volume information of parcels can help the system to classify and optimize sorting, and improve the sorting efficiency and accuracy.

  For the above application scenarios, the advantages of using DWS devices are:

  (1) Provide more accurate data information for settlement and payment of logistics parcel freight;

  (2) Reduce and prevent errors of e-commerce parcels in warehouse picking, and optimize the control of parcel warehouse picking and distribution process;

  (3) Avoid all kinds of human errors, such as reading errors, errors, omissions and missing data, and errors in entering the system;

  (4) It can intelligently automate the workflow, shorten the processing time and improve the work efficiency.

  How to select cost-effective DWS equipment?

  Under the background that DWS is widely used, all kinds of DWS devices emerge endlessly, which makes people dizzy. DWS equipment provided by traditional overseas machine vision manufacturers is expensive, often hundreds of thousands of yuan, and requires high use and maintenance. The quality of domestic DWS equipment is uneven, and there are various problems such as inaccurate accuracy, unstable use, and lack of after-sales guarantee. How to select and purchase cost-effective DWS equipment has become a difficult problem for many enterprises.

  In the fierce market competition, foreign technology cannot stand out without:

  Software and hardware are fully independently developed, support customization, and the ± 1mm high-precision volume measurement technology is leading in the industry. There are rich customer cases, strong product stability, high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services, support for arbitrary placement of goods, support for arbitrary material measurement, support for measurement of irregular objects such as bulges, support for arbitrary system docking, and exclusive automatic filtering. Excess tape is not included in the volume function More than ten core advantages, such as high-definition barcode photos and color photos of goods, evidence collection and archiving functions.

  Customer recognition is the driving force for continuous progress. In the future, Yifang Technology will also adhere to the service concept of "creating value for customers", constantly optimize core technologies, and provide more customers around the world with intelligent solutions and quality services!

  If you also have the demand for volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, photo forensics, docking system, etc., welcome to consult and contact foreign technology to provide you with customized one-stop solution!


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