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Package size and volume measurement DWS GM200 is reliable

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-09-27 15:08

  Package size and volume measurement DWS GM200 is reliable

  With the further development of international trade, the detection of express packages in the logistics industry is becoming more and more strict. Many traditional logistics enterprises still use manual measurement, which can no longer meet the needs of current business development.

  On the one hand, the whole operation process is complex and diverse, and the data obtained is inaccurate, which is easy to cause various errors; On the other hand, some parcels are irregular in shape, which is difficult to collect manually. When the quantity of goods increases, more manpower is required.

  The industry is making continuous progress, and enterprises also need to make changes. According to the current problems faced by enterprises, foreign technology has provided professional solutions:

  GM200 Dynamic Light Curtain Package Volume Measurement DWS

  Regular/irregular/convex bag/soft bag can be measured

  The current mainstream light curtain measurement technology can meet the requirements of logistics/freight forwarding enterprises for measuring regular boxes, convex bags and some soft goods.

  High measurement accuracy, ± 1mm

  The advantage of light curtain measurement technology is that the measurement accuracy can reach ± 1mm, which can basically meet the needs of most enterprises' use scenarios.

  High efficiency data collection, 1500 pieces/hour

  The GM200 is equipped with a high-speed code reading camera, which can realize 1s/piece package data collection with the measurement algorithm. Combined with the actual measurement scene, the efficiency can reach 1500 pieces/hour.

  GM200 light curtain volume measurement DWS equipment can effectively solve the problems of difficult volume measurement of goods, poor accuracy and high labor costs, help enterprises save labor costs, improve operation efficiency and optimize comprehensive benefits.

  If you also need to measure, weigh and scan the package size, you can pay attention to the different GM200 series light curtain volume measurement DWS equipment.


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