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Measuring and weighing DWS all-in-one machine measures the volume and scans the code in one step

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-08-23 16:38

  Measuring and weighing DWS all-in-one machine measures the volume and scans the code in one step

  The automatic weighing system refers to the weighing equipment that can be connected to the assembly line and cooperate with the customized system. It can help enterprises to efficiently collect the weight information of the goods on the assembly line and conveyor belt, complete more work with less labor, effectively reduce the labor cost and improve the work efficiency.

  The automatic weighing system is mainly used in logistics, e-commerce, supermarkets, manufacturing and other fields. It needs to collect goods information during warehousing, and conduct expense accounting and delivery registration during delivery. Can you add other functions and customize them according to the needs of the enterprise? The solution is as follows:

  The logistics DWS, which covers the functions of "measurement + weighing + code scanning + photographing + system docking", supports the data collection of manual goods release by piece, and can also be connected to the automatic data collection of assembly line and belt line.

  What is different from other similar products is that this volume measurement machine can measure regular / irregular types of packages. For soft bags and ultra-thin objects, it can also obtain accurate measurement results with an accuracy of ± 1mm, which can meet the data collection requirements of most enterprises.

  The intelligent parcel volume measuring instrument adopts the current mainstream 3D vision and light curtain measurement technology, which can quickly complete the collection of cargo volume and weight. The measurement data can be connected to the ERP system of the enterprise and can be exported to excel format at any time.

  The automatic weighing equipment is not widely used because of its single function. However, the automatic weighing and scanning all-in-one machine is highly favored by logistics, warehousing, e-commerce and other enterprises because of its complete functions, modular design and support for multi-function customization. If you have a demand in this respect, you may want to know more about this type of weighing DWS all-in-one machine.


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