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The DWS equipment can quickly collect information such as volume, weight and bar code

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-08-16 14:34

  The DWS equipment can quickly collect information such as volume, weight and bar code

  Dynamic DWS equipment, understood from its name, is an intelligent device that integrates D (volume), w (weighing), s (scanning code) and other functions into one-stop service.

  The common DWS equipment adopts 3D vision technology. Taking goodscan series DWS as an example, through the combination of professional 3D lens, scanning lens, belt scale and measurement algorithm system, the functions of measuring, weighing, scanning, photographing and system docking are realized. The measurement accuracy can reach ± 1mm, and the data collection of 3000 packages can be completed per hour.

  This intelligent DWS device is commonly used for:

  E-commerce warehouse helps enterprises to quickly collect commodity information, complete warehousing information collection, outbound expense accounting and other operations, help enterprises improve the efficiency of warehousing and outbound, and provide better logistics experience for consumers.

  Logistics warehousing: quickly collect the size, volume, weight and bar code of each express package, and efficiently complete sorting, classified storage and other operations through data analysis.

  In other fields, such as medical treatment, supermarket and manufacturing, volume measurement DWS equipment is also applied. The most important role is to help enterprises reduce employment costs, improve logistics efficiency, and help enterprises improve economic efficiency.

  At present, there is still a gap between China's logistics development level and that of Europe and America. The wide application of automatic volume measurement equipment will help to improve the overall level of China's logistics development and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

  If you also have the demand for dynamic DWS equipment and need to collect the volume, weight and barcode of goods, goodscan volume measurement equipment is a good choice.


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