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Package volume measurement is more accurate and efficient than that of Europe and America

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-08-09 15:32

  Package volume measurement is more accurate and efficient than that of Europe and America

  Today, with the development of the 21st century, the gap between China's development level and the developed countries in Europe and the United States is narrowing. China is in the forefront of the industry in many fields. There are many excellent products, and more and more overseas enterprises choose made in China.

  Taking the volume measuring equipment of foreign science and technology as an example, the equipment is not only favored by many enterprises in the domestic market, but also recognized by overseas markets. So far, the products have been sold to 14 countries and regions around the world.

  Just last week, a local e-commerce enterprise in the United States consulted the volume measurement equipment of foreign technology and reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

  Before finding the foreign technology, the customer consulted with many local companies of the same type, such as cubiscan volume measuring equipment. After comparison, the customer finally chose goodscan series volume measuring equipment in consideration of the types of measurable goods, measurement accuracy and cost performance.

  In fact, there are many volume measuring devices on the market, but the functions are complete and the measurement accuracy is relatively small. For example, regular and irregular packages can be measured, but soft bags or ultra-thin goods cannot be measured; The starting height cannot be reached, and the measurement accuracy is not up to standard; It can support the docking of enterprise systems, but the interface is single. The goodscan series of foreign technology has complete functions, accurate and efficient measurement, and is deeply loved by enterprises.

  Goodscan series volume measurement integrated machine of Yifang technology is specially developed and designed for logistics e-commerce. It helps enterprises to efficiently collect cargo information, helps to save labor costs and improve operation efficiency.

  The intelligent volume measurement DWS equipment of Yifang technology has the functions of measuring, weighing, scanning, photographing, system docking, etc. it can be divided into static and dynamic. The static DWS equipment needs to manually put the goods into the measurement area, so as to quickly obtain various information of the goods; Dynamic DWS equipment can be combined with assembly line and conveyor belt to automatically collect package data, with an efficiency of 3000 pieces / hour.

  Although some domestic enterprises have been punished and suppressed by some countries with ulterior motives, it also indirectly indicates that domestic brands are rising. Many enterprises such as foreign technology have been widely recognized by the society in terms of product quality, function, cost performance and after-sales service, and gradually move towards the international market, leading the industry forward.

  As a leading volume measurement and calculation expert in the industry, we are always committed to providing enterprises with efficient intelligent logistics solutions, helping enterprises reduce employment costs, improve operation efficiency and achieve the goal of optimizing economic benefits. If you also have the same demand for volume measurement of express parcel goods, welcome to negotiate with foreign technology.


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