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DWS equipment helps logistics reduce labor costs and improve efficiency

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-07-26 14:05

  DWS equipment helps reduce the cost of logistics personnel and improve efficiency! With the development of economic globalization, domestic cross-border e-commerce business has developed rapidly, and the demand for cross-border logistics is increasing day by day. While logistics brings convenience to enterprises and people, it also brings some problems. What are the pain points of cross-border logistics industry? Is there a solution?

  1. High logistics cost

  The number of cross-border express packages is increasing, which requires more manpower to complete logistics operations, and the labor cost increases;

  Information collection is required before the transportation of parcel goods. The manual collection method is not accurate and inefficient, which is difficult to meet the needs of existing businesses;

  Conventional international express delivery adopts DHL, UPS, e-mail and other means of transportation, resulting in high logistics costs.

  terms of settlement:

  In view of the large quantity of goods and the difficulty of collecting goods data and information, automatic logistics DWS equipment can be used for operation, which can reduce labor input, reduce operating costs, and help to efficiently manage goods information.

  In view of the high cost of international logistics transportation, you can find a third-party logistics company to cooperate and enjoy the discount of freight, which helps to reduce costs; Through simple combined packaging, the best weight + volume combination can be achieved, which also helps to reduce freight.

  2. Cross border logistics is slow

  Logistics distribution is an important factor affecting the purchase of cross-border e-commerce consumers. If customers' expectations of logistics are not up to standard, it is easy to cause performance reduction, returns and complaints.

  terms of settlement:

  Through the automation integration scheme, realize the intellectualization and high informatization of logistics. The automatic logistics system can improve the timeliness and accuracy of logistics information, establish and improve the intelligent logistics system, and integrate internal and external storage resources, which will help to shorten the timeliness of cross-border logistics.

  Yifang technology is a high-tech enterprise, which is designed to provide efficient intelligent logistics solutions for logistics enterprises. Its goodscan series equipment can quickly help enterprises collect information such as the size, volume, weight and bar code of various types of goods, with high precision and efficiency. The data can be connected to the system, which helps to reduce the labor cost of enterprises, improve the efficiency of goods data collection, and then promote the efficient implementation of logistics operations.

  The above are the pain points and solutions of cross-border logistics. If you feel that different volume measurement weighing and scanning equipment is helpful for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, you can continue to pay attention to it.


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