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How to reduce the cost of e-commerce logistics volume measurement and weighing

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-07-19 11:34

  How to reduce the cost of e-commerce logistics volume measurement and weighing? With the rapid development of e-commerce and logistics industry, enterprises have more and more employment needs. But now the problems of recruitment and employment are widespread, and the labor cost is increasing. Many enterprises are looking for new ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  Yifang technology is a national recognized high-tech enterprise, known as the industry-leading volume measurement and calculation expert, committed to providing enterprises with efficient intelligent logistics solutions:

  Goodscan series weighing DWS equipment independently developed by the company can quickly and accurately collect the volume, weight, bar code and other information of regular and irregular packages, helping e-commerce logistics enterprises reduce employment costs, improve operation efficiency, and optimize enterprise economic benefits.

  3D vision + light curtain measurement, accuracy ± 1mm

  Goodscan series volume measurement equipment adopts advanced 3D vision + light curtain measurement technology, which can measure regular box, convex, soft bag, ultra-thin and other goods, with an accuracy of ± 1mm, so as to achieve accurate collection and management of goods information.

  Data docking wms/erp system

  The data information collected by goodscan series weighing and scanning DWS equipment can be synchronized to the enterprise erp/wms system in real time, and data cloud sharing can be realized without manual secondary input.

  Save labor, improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue

  The package information is collected manually. Generally, the volume scale or ruler is used to measure the length, width and height, calculate the volume, weigh, and identify the bar code. Finally, the obtained information is manually entered into the enterprise system. This process is complex, takes at least 30 seconds, and is prone to various errors.

  Through volume measurement DWS to collect cargo information, it only takes 1s to realize the functions of "measuring square + weighing + scanning code + photographing + docking", efficient data collection and real-time synchronous docking system.

  The manual operation takes 30s/ piece, and the automatic data collection only takes 1-2s / piece, which not only improves the efficiency by 15-30 times, but also helps enterprises save labor costs and synchronously improve the comprehensive income of enterprises.

  Customer case

  The customer is an international logistics and freight enterprise. There are many small and medium-sized and soft package goods in the warehouse, which need to collect the size and barcode information to register and enter the warehouse. The current manual measurement data is inaccurate and the operation efficiency is low.


  After the gs210p belt type volume measurement all-in-one machine of Yifang technology is put into use, it only needs to put the goods into the measurement area, which can quickly identify the barcode of goods, accurately collect information such as size, volume and weight, automatically synchronize the data to the customer management system, and realize the efficient management of goods information.

  Compared with previous manual operations, the operation efficiency has been improved, the package measurement data is more accurate, and on the premise of completing the same amount of work, the personnel investment has been reduced, and the employment demand of enterprises has been alleviated.

  In today's increasingly high labor costs, automated weighing and scanning equipment can effectively help e-commerce logistics related enterprises reduce employment costs, improve logistics operation efficiency, and then improve service quality, and further optimize the economic benefits of enterprises. If you also have this demand, please contact us directly through the backstage private letter!


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