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GS400N van volume measurement, accurate calculation of the loading rate of the compartment

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-03-31 15:20

  Product introduction

  Goodscan400N (hereinafter referred to as GS400N) is a truck compartment volume measurement equipment, which is mainly used for cargo volume measurement in van compartment, compartment loading rate calculation, vehicle track monitoring, etc. need.



  The GS400N adopts an integrated installation, which can adapt to complex conditions such as large temperature changes in the truck compartment, road bumps, shocks and vibrations, wind and rain, etc. The product can upload the data docking system to the cloud through the 4G communication module, and receive the control sent from the cloud. instruction.



  Application scenarios

  Suitable for logistics, warehousing, supermarkets, e-commerce and other scenarios

  The GS400N compartment volume measurement device can quickly and accurately measure the volume of the truck compartment, the volume of the loaded objects, and calculate the compartment loading rate. It can also update the data in real time with the increase of the cargo volume, which is helpful to monitor the compartment loading situation and realize the Reasonable and efficient loading and transportation.



  In addition, trucks equipped with GS400N can also monitor the vehicle's driving trajectory in real time through GPS, which can effectively reduce transportation risks and is of great significance to the safety supervision of vehicles.


  At present, China has the world's largest road market, with a scale of up to 1 trillion yuan. By the end of 2021, the number of trucks will be about 36 million, and the number of trucks will be even higher in the future.

  At the same time, the e-commerce and logistics industries are also developing continuously. JD.com acquired Debon, Jitu acquired Best, and traditional logistics and Internet e-commerce companies have entered the freight industry one after another. The demand for compartment volume measurement and stowage monitoring will continue to increase. , The emergence of GS400N compartment volume measurement equipment meets the needs of industry development, and the future prospects are very broad.



  As an industry-leading expert in cargo volume measurement and calculation, Yifang Technology has always been committed to helping companies provide efficient cargo data collection solutions, helping companies reduce labor costs, and achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Needs, you can contact us directly in the background.


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