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How to measure the size of irregular goods? Yifang Technology can help you solve it!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-03-11 18:01

  Logistics freight is the focus of transactions between buyers, sellers and logistics parties, and the calculation of item weight and volume is directly linked to the economic interests of all parties. According to statistics, up to 99% of the enterprises in my country adopt "manual measurement" for freight goods. Manual measurement has shortcomings such as large errors, unauthoritative data, time-consuming and labor-intensive, etc. In case of irregular items, manual measurement is helpless.



  Yifang Technology Goodscan cargo measurement expert, automatic volume measurement, professionally provides measurement solutions for regular boxes, irregular, ultra-thin parts, convex hulled goods, soft goods, small objects and other items, the highest accuracy is as high as 1mm. Yifang Technology Goodscan volume measurement equipment can also integrate the function of weighing and scanning code, and truly realize one-stop cargo information collection.

  Yifang Goodscan product advantages

  1. Through the combination of 3D measurement, computer vision, photogrammetry and other technologies, Yifang Goodscan provides flexible and diverse measurement solutions for regular, irregular and special-shaped goods. Effectively reduce and avoid human error, reduce labor burden, improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs;2. Yifang Goodscan barcode reader, gravity sensor, etc., automatically and accurately collect the barcode, weight and other information of the package;3. Yifang Goodscan automatic measurement, the measurement accuracy has been certified by the authority; zero freight disputes!4. Yifang Goodscan has a volume measurement accuracy of up to 1mm, and cooperates with warehouse management system software to provide help for customer warehouse optimization;5. Multi-scene application: portable PDA, trolley, static DWS, dynamic DWS, tray measurement, measurement in any scene and anytime, anywhere!6. Through the automatic collection of cargo volume, barcode and weight data, the logistics channel suppliers can be automatically matched, and the automation of logistics rules can be realized to ensure that the most reasonable transportation method is used to reduce freight costs and improve logistics profits;




  Modern logistics enterprises are inseparable from advanced technology and equipment. At present, Yifang Technology Goodscan200M equipment has been widely used in the field of logistics and warehousing, and is well received by customers. It highlights the strength and status.


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