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Smart warehousing is the future development trend. How can companies accelerate their transformation and upgrading?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-10-22 14:23

With the development of the domestic logistics industry getting better and better, the corresponding warehousing market demand has also been greatly improved. According to previous data from the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, during the period 2015-2019, China's logistics exposure fees have increased year by year. It has reached 5 trillion yuan in 2019.




What are the main areas of warehousing service-related companies? From the data point of view, they are mainly distributed in transportation, warehousing and postal services, wholesale, retail and business service industries.


The development of the warehousing industry generally has to go through five stages: manual warehousing, mechanized warehousing, automated warehousing, integrated automated warehousing and intelligent automated warehousing. The development of warehousing in China is in the automation stage, applying AGV, automatic racking, automatic data collection, automatic sorting, etc. Advanced logistics equipment can achieve efficient control and management through information technology.




Although China's warehousing development is in the automation stage, most domestic enterprises are still in the first and second stages. They have reached a situation where they will be eliminated by the market without transformation and upgrading. After all, with the development of information technology, the warehousing and logistics industry will continue to Upgrade, intelligent warehousing is the general trend and the focus of many enterprises' transformation and upgrading.




As a high-tech enterprise that has been deeply involved in the logistics field for many years, Yifang Technology is committed to helping companies achieve efficient logistics services, helping companies reduce costs and increase efficiency, and transform and upgrade automation.


The volume measurement equipment developed based on 3D vision technology can quickly collect information such as the volume, weight and barcode of regular/irregular goods. The data information can be directly connected to the warehouse management system, and after data analysis, automated equipment can be used to achieve efficient warehousing services.


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