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The way for small and medium logistics companies to break through, volume measurement DWS helps efficient cargo information collection!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-10-20 16:08

With the development of technology and the in-depth construction of digital cities, a large number of logistics companies have begun to embark on the road of automation, and logistics solution providers such as Yifang Technology have also come to everyone's eyes.




The rise of e-commerce platforms has promoted the birth of many express logistics companies. With capital intervention, they can quickly spread the market. Those companies without capital intervention have begun to seek transformation in order to reduce operating costs. This is also a foreign technology. One of the reasons that has attracted everyone's attention in recent years.




If logistics companies want to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction, there is only one way to go, and that is to transform and upgrade , keep pace with the times, combine modern technology, save labor costs, improve their own operating efficiency, and achieve the goal of increasing production and income. .


The homogeneity of the logistics industry is serious, and malicious competition is not uncommon. This is also one of the main reasons for the decline in corporate profits. Yifang Technology recommends that corporate managers:


1. Strengthen the construction of logistics information and build a modern logistics system

2. Integrate with digitalization and “connect” logistics

3. Strengthen the connection between upstream and downstream and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises


The volume measurement products developed by us can help logistics-related companies to quickly collect information such as the size, volume, weight and barcode of the goods. Whether it is regular or irregular goods, small goods, medium goods, and large goods, they can quickly collect and synchronize data in real time. To the management system, to help companies achieve efficient logistics operations.




Yifang Technology's volume measurement equipment (also known as DWS), using advanced 3D vision + remote sensing + computer vision + photogrammetry and other technologies, can obtain the volume, weight and barcode information of the goods in 1 second. The speed is fast, and the measurement accuracy has been certified by the national authority, which can reach the millimeter level.



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