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Entrepreneurship Competition came to a successful conclusion, and Yifang Technology stood out from hundreds of projects across the country!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-10-16 10:58

  On September 11, the 2021 Baidu Smart Cloud Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals, hosted by Baidu Smart Cloud, co-hosted by China Electronics Association, Ningbo Economic and Information Bureau, Cyberspace Administration, Free Trade Zone Committee, and Yunzhi Base (Ningbo) operator, The awards ceremony and innovation and entrepreneurship summit of the competition were successfully completed in Ningbo.


  Picture: Baidu Smart Cloud Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference

  Adhering to the principle of "government guidance, enterprise leadership, innovation driven, and industry-finance integration", the competition focuses on the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, selects a group of projects with independent innovation capabilities and outstanding industrial prospects, and integrates talents, technology, and capital. With the market, relying on technological innovation and digital empowerment to promote the high-quality development of the regional economy.

Corporate speech.jpg

  Picture: Wonderful speech on site

  In the finals, the 30 project leaders who stood out from the participating teams in the district finals gave a lively interpretation to the review experts and on-site guests in terms of technology, team, market, operation, etc.; the experts focused on the business model and core competition of each project Provide suggestions and guidance for the participating teams in many aspects, such as strength, product advantages, and market development.

Selection group.jpg

  Picture: Selection of Expert Group

  At the meeting, Zhang Xiao, CEO of Yifang Technology, analyzed the current situation of high cost and low efficiency in the logistics industry, and gave an efficient cargo volume measurement solution. He demonstrated the self-developed GS100 handheld volume measurement PDA on site, which was received by the guests. And highly praised by review experts.


  Picture: Yifang Technology CEO's speech

  After a fierce competition, Yifang Technology successfully stood out among many participating companies, won the on-site contracting qualification and received an invitation from the organizer to settle in.

Signing a contract with a different party.jpg
Signing diagram.jpg

  Picture: CEO of Yifang Technology (left 3)

  High performance infrared sensor

  B2B2C non-standard category task intelligent distribution platform

  Industry-leading volume measurement experts

  Intelligent tactile sensing IoT device

  Data intelligence platform software and power intelligence application solution provider

  Taking the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference as an opportunity to focus on the key, difficult, and hot issues in the digital economy and innovation ecology, Yifang Technology has a deep understanding of current corporate problems, insight into industry development trends, and lays the foundation for creating better products in the future.

  As the industry's leading volume measurement expert, Yifang Technology has been paying attention to the development trend of logistics, walking at the forefront of the times, using advanced 3D vision technology to empower products, creating excellent volume measurement equipment, and providing enterprises with efficient logistics solutions.

  Picture: Yifang Technology Volume Measurement

  At present, Yifang Technology's volume measurement equipment is widely used in logistics, warehousing, supermarkets, and medical services, providing companies with efficient cargo information collection solutions, helping companies reduce labor costs and achieving economic benefits.


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