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Yifang Technology I dynamic cargo measuring equipment GS210GP has been upgraded!

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-04-13 11:02

In the logistics and warehousing industry, efficiency is of the utmost importance to companies. When companies try to improve logistics efficiency, automated cargo information collection systems are a must-have option.


Yifang GS210GP is a new generation of fast and dynamic cargo information collection equipment, which can realize "measurement + weighing + scanning code + photographing + calculation + system docking" in one step, with an accuracy of millimeters, meeting strict requirements in the fields of logistics, e-commerce, and warehousing. Demanding dynamic size identification requirements.



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Cross-border e-commerce is busy at the end of the year, and foreign parties are bursting with money to help!


In order to provide customers with the most forward-looking intelligent cargo information collection system and the best service experience, the R&D team of Yifang Technology insists on excellence. Now, GS210GP has been updated and upgraded again, let's take a look at the highlights of GS210GP after the upgrade!

Better use of space

GS210GP has upgraded the appearance style, and the floor space is reduced by half without affecting the flow of goods In customer feedback, the new GS210GP is more conducive to storage planning, more convenient to use, and easier to handle.



Real shots of the new GS210GP equipment delivery site

Cargo running more smoothly

As a high-precision dynamic convex hull measurement system, GS210GP can quickly collect information on regular/irregular goods. The new GS210GP integrates the roller and belt design, there is no height difference between the two, the goods run more smoothly, and the collection operation is more efficient.



Smoother acquisition process

The new GS210GP adopts a double electric box design to reduce electromagnetic interference from parts and components, improve the stability of the equipment, make the measurement process smoother, and give full play to the advantages of volume measurement.

Different party 210GP parameters
name GS210GP
Measuring principle 3D vision measurement
Measuring square sensor Dual 4-hole depth sensor
Measuring range 5*5*5~80*60*60cm
Product Size 220x160x245cm
Average accuracy 5mm
Measuring speed 1 second/piece
Data output Excel/Http/TCP/Serial port
Weighing range 60kg
Weighing accuracy 10g

The upgraded GS210GP not only maintains the original advantages, but also relies on excellent technology and high-precision measurement capabilities to more efficiently meet the volume measurement needs of multiple types of goods in logistics, warehousing and other scenarios.


As a leading volume measurement expert in China, Yifang Technology has been practicing the brand core of "precision, efficient and reliable" . The research and development team continues to upgrade products, the sales team continues to improve service quality, and the technical team insists on perfecting after-sales service to let Yifang GS The series of products have been recognized by many well-known companies at home and abroad. In the future, Yifang Technology will continue to develop and innovate to create more intelligent volume measurement equipment that meets the needs of different industries and different scenarios, and is committed to promoting the popularization of automatic measurement equipment in the industry.


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