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Yifang Technology and Logistics National Engineering Laboratory reached a cooperation to build a joint laboratory

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-04-13 10:53

Shenzhen Yifang Technology Co., Ltd. has reached a strategic cooperation with the National Engineering Laboratory of Logistics Information Sharing Technology and Application, led by YTO Express, to jointly build a "intelligent measurement joint laboratory" (logistics automation equipment and logistics big data direction), for the logistics industry The industrial chain blew the assembly call to accelerate the integration and development of the logistics industry and the manufacturing industry.



Different volume measurement equipment in the joint laboratory


The Intelligent Measurement Joint Laboratory is a technology centered on logistics, Internet of Things, big data, and blockchain logistics monitoring. In the future, it can develop a batch of logistics supply chain scenarios, summarize a set of large data industrial standards for the logistics industry chain, and create a logistics-oriented entire industry chain The management system has formed leading advantages and core capabilities in the fields of logistics management and logistics tracking, and contributed to China's economic and social development.



Foreign party bulletin board and volume measuring equipment


In the current information age, the logistics industry, as a basic and strategic industry supporting the development of the national economy, is not only the transportation of goods, but also the effective coordination and management of people, vehicles, goods, and warehousing in the process of goods transportation. Efficiency improvement and social logistics cost reduction.
All this is inseparable from the accurate collection of cargo volume information.
On the one hand, the collection of cargo volume information is conducive to more accurate logistics and transportation billing. On the other hand, cargo volume information is of great significance for optimizing logistics and warehousing processes and decision-making, helping subsequent cargo stowage and capacity scheduling to achieve refined operations.


Goodscan products

The Goodscan intelligent cargo information collection system independently developed by Yifang Technology includes handheld terminals, static measurement solutions, dynamic measurement solutions, and bulk cargo measurement solutions. It integrates 3D measurement, computer vision, photogrammetry, 3D modeling and other technologies to quickly and accurately collect Data, one step to achieve "measurement + weighing + scan code + photo + calculation + system docking".




Yifang GS100 Handheld Terminal

The GS100 handheld PDA can measure the volume of the goods at will, free the hands of the courier, and accurately calculate the volume of the goods. Information can be forwarded and shared when collecting, and the work efficiency can be increased by at least 15 times.




Yifang GS200 dynamic and static measurement program

The GS210Y static measurement equipment can help express companies to eliminate all manual measurement and entry links. The operator only needs to place the goods to be measured on the operating table, and measure the next goods after 1 second. Yifang GS series products condense the traditional five-step measurement process into one step . Irregular goods can also achieve millimeter-level volume measurement accuracy, and at the same time complete the secondary data upload and utilization.




GS210GP dynamic measurement equipment can cooperate with the automatic transmission of the assembly line, liberating labor, realizing the information collection of goods under high-speed movement, and further improving the logistics efficiency on the basis of the static system. Irregular goods can also reach millimeter-level measurement accuracy, and data is uploaded synchronously. .




Yifang GS300 Bulk Cargo Measurement Solution

GS300Pro bulk goods measuring equipment is specially designed for pallet bulk goods. While meeting the maximum volume of 2 meters, the measurement accuracy is maintained at the millimeter level. Irregular large packages can also be accurately measured. It is a good helper for logistics and warehousing.




The above-mentioned products of Yifang Technology are suitable for logistics, e-commerce, manufacturing, supermarkets, medical treatment, air cargo and other fields. They have been well-recognized and recognized by well-known companies such as JD.com, Hema, Wal-Mart, Yonghui, Huawei, DHL, etc. The products are far Sell ​​overseas.



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