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Express scanning and weighing all-in-one machine Logistics Kuaishou equipment

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-03-22 15:29

Express scanning and weighing all-in-one machine Logistics Kuaishou equipment

The logistics industry is an industry with high efficiency, high accuracy, and high cost control. For logistics operators, how to quickly, accurately and conveniently obtain the weight, size, and barcode information of cargo packages and automatically enter them into the docking management system is A very important link. The express scanning and weighing all-in-one machine can realize functions such as automatic code scanning, weighing, volume measurement, photography, and data systems. It can greatly improve efficiency, reduce costs, and adapt to different operating environments.

1. Improve efficiency

The express scanning and weighing all-in-one machine can complete operations such as scanning codes, weighing, measuring volume, taking photos, and data systems for parcels in one go. There is no need to switch devices and interfaces multiple times, which greatly saves time and manpower, and reduces manual operations and errors.

2. Optional volume measurement

The optional volume measurement module of the all-in-one machine can calculate the volume of the package based on its outline and output it together with the weight information. The volume of standard packages and irregular pieces can be measured to facilitate billing and management.

3. Automatic sorting

Traditional manual sorting operations require a lot of manpower investment and have relatively low operating efficiency. The Belt Kuaishou can automatically sort. Through automation technology, it can achieve high-speed sorting, and can weigh and scan codes to measure the volume of packages at the same time. It is not limited by working hours and can be flexibly adjusted according to logistics needs to achieve efficient sorting. operate.

4. Taking photos and archiving

During the weighing and code reading process, Kuaishou equipment will store the package photos taken by the camera and transmit them to the server through the network switch to form a logistics barcode visual traceability system, which can track the status and location of the object at any time and improve logistics safety and reliability.

5. Save space and cost

The express scanning and weighing all-in-one machine occupies a small space, is simple to install, and is easy to maintain. Compared with traditional weighing and scanning equipment, it can save space and costs.

The express scanning and weighing machine is an important tool for the efficient operation of the logistics industry. It can improve the efficiency of the logistics industry, reduce errors, improve accuracy, and has a variety of convenient functions. It is of great significance to the development of the logistics industry and provides better competitiveness for logistics companies.


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