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Static DWS + inclined balance wheel sorter, intelligent square weighing and efficient sorting

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-10-13 15:05

  Static DWS + inclined balance wheel sorter, intelligent square weighing and efficient sorting

  With the rapid development of e-commerce, there are more and more logistics packages. In order to improve efficiency and reduce errors, more and more logistics companies have begun to use intelligent measurement and sorting equipment. Because the previous manual work methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and there are inevitable errors in manual measurement data readings, which can easily cause dimensional disputes and require multiple reviews, the intelligent DWS equipment combined with the inclined balance wheel sorter can measure and measure with high precision. Efficient sorting reduces costs and increases efficiency for enterprises.

  Static DWS + inclined balance wheel sorting machine operation process:

  1. The package enters the static DWS and is automatically measured to obtain volume data.

  2. The weighing equipment uses high-precision weighing sensors to accurately weigh the package, and then records the weight and related information of the package in the system.

  3. The QR code scanning device automatically identifies the barcode or QR code on the package. By comparing it with the information in the system, the source and destination of the package can be confirmed.

  4. According to the information on the package, the sorting equipment automatically sorts it into the corresponding express delivery or logistics vehicle, completing the entire logistics package measurement, weighing, code scanning, and sorting process.

  The GS210B Plus static DWS + inclined balance wheel sorting solution can quickly obtain volumetric weight and barcode information, and can be connected to the inclined balance wheel sorter for assembly line operation, which optimizes the entire cargo handling process and greatly improves the speed of parcels entering and exiting the warehouse.

  Project Benefits

  High-speed sorting: replacing manual sorting to achieve high efficiency and less time sorting operations.

  Low error rate: error rate <0.01%.

  Flexible sorting: Flexible sorting processing technology, the sorting process is gentle and vibration-free, ensuring that packages are intact.

  Scalability: Modular design, can be expanded and changed as needed.

  Ultra-quiet: equipment operating noise <70db.

  A wide range of package weights for sorting: the package weight range that can be sorted is 200g-60kg.

  High precision of package measurement: it can measure ultra-thin goods, with a measuring range of 5*5*0.1-80*80*80cm and an accuracy of millimeter level.

  Yifang Technology provides intelligent warehousing solutions, focusing on cargo volume measurement. It is the leading measurement expert in the industry in the field of goods outbound and inbound. If you also have volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, sorting, etc. If you have any needs, please contact Yifang Technology to discuss the product solutions that are most suitable for you!


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