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Package weight and size measurement DWS equipment is accurate and efficient

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-05-16 14:43

  Package weight and size measurement DWS equipment is accurate and efficient

  Incorrect package weight and size specifications are becoming a common problem in the package handling industry. While verification is possible, it is slow and inefficient since it has to be done manually. Dimensional Weigh and Scan (DWS) systems are an efficient method of capturing package weight and dimensions to protect and recover revenue. While capturing package specifications, it also captures the information required for sorting purposes, optimal utilization of transport vehicle space or suitable temporary storage locations.

  Features of DWS

  1. Volume measurement

  2. Accurate weighing

  3. Barcode reading

  4. Connect to WMS

  5. Real-time data

  Benefits of DWS Equipment

  1. Reduce errors: Significantly reduce the risk of errors and improve accuracy through its integrated measurement system

  2. Higher efficiency: improve efficiency through process automation

  3. Win time: the solution optimizes your logistics process, thus saving time

  Yifang Technology Volume measurement expert

  Shenzhen Yifang Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise, which has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2018. The founders are all from the School of Surveying and Mapping of Wuhan University. The Goodscan series products independently developed by them can quickly and accurately obtain the volume, weight, barcode and other information of regular (irregular) goods.

  The GM200 dynamic DWS equipment launched by Yifang Technology has a high-precision measurement of ±1mm, the GS300 system pallet bulk volume measurement, the GS400 truck volume measurement solution, the error is within 3%, and the GS200 system static DWS. Up to now, DWS solutions such as automatic volume measurement, dynamic weighing, high-definition code scanning, photo evidence collection, and docking system have been provided for 1000+ large and medium-sized logistics enterprises.


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