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DWS equipment all-in-one machine, one step faster in logistics parcel sorting

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-03-28 15:20

  DWS equipment all-in-one machine, one step faster in logistics parcel sorting

  In daily logistics operations, we can often see that some enterprise warehouses are equipped with DWS equipment. From the name, we understand that D means dimension, W means weight, and S means scan. A simple understanding is a logistics equipment with the functions of measuring volume, weighing, and scanning codes.

  The main functions of DWS equipment all-in-one machine are:

  Freight: Some FBA logistics need to settle freight through volume and weight data, which requires accurate data and reasonable billing.

  Sorting: docking sorting equipment according to the volume, weight or barcode information of the goods to improve work efficiency.

  Warehousing: classify and store goods through volume, weight, barcode identification and other goods information, and carry out refined operations.

  Load Optimization: Optimize transportation costs based on volume, weight and other data.

  Feature Highlights of DWS Appliances

  The traditional package data collection is mainly to manually measure the size of the goods with a ruler, weigh and read the code, and finally manually register the obtained goods information in the enterprise ERP system.

  traditional manual sorting

  Disadvantages: the measurement data is inaccurate and the error is large; the procedure is complicated and time-consuming; the measurement of the size and volume of irregular goods is difficult; manual data entry is easy to make mistakes and the efficiency is low.

  DWS equipment all-in-one machine, one step faster in logistics parcel sorting

  Measuring square + weighing + scanning code + taking pictures + docking, one-click completion

  Accurate data, accuracy ±1mm

  Efficiency improvement, up to 3000 pieces/hour

  Both regular/non-regular goods can be measured

  The data is automatically connected to the enterprise ERP system, and supports exporting for local viewing

  Logistics DWS equipment is currently widely used in logistics, warehousing, e-commerce and other fields to help companies quickly collect information such as the volume and weight of express goods, which not only saves labor costs, but also improves operating efficiency. The transformation and upgrading of enterprises to automation is accelerated to achieve cost reduction efficiency goals.


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