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Pinduoduo cross-border e-commerce all-in-one weighing machine

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-03-21 15:50

  Pinduoduo cross-border e-commerce all-in-one weighing machine

  Pinduoduo has ordered Yifang Technology's weighing and scanning all-in-one machine in batches, which is used for measuring and scanning codes for sending and receiving express delivery in cross-border warehouses. Multiple devices are operated at the same time to improve the efficiency of warehouse operations and save labor costs.

  Pinduoduo is the mainstream e-commerce application product of the domestic mobile Internet. For the whole year of 2021, Pinduoduo's multi-year turnover (GMV) is 2.441 billion yuan. It is a third-party social e-commerce platform focusing on C2M group shopping. It was established in September 2015. Join a group, you can buy high-quality goods at a lower price.

  Pinduoduo aims to unite the power of more people, buy better things at lower prices, and experience more benefits and fun. The social concept formed through communication and sharing has formed Pinduoduo's unique new social e-commerce thinking.

  In December 2019, Pinduoduo was selected as one of the top 100 brands in the 2019 China Brand Power Ceremony. In March 2021, Huang Zheng resigned as the chairman of Pinduoduo and was replaced by co-founder Chen Lei. As of the end of 2020, Pinduoduo had 788.4 million active buyers for many years, making it the e-commerce platform with the largest user base in China.

  The measuring and weighing all-in-one machine has the following advantages and effects:

  1. The scanning and weighing all-in-one machine uses industrial touch equipment, which is an industrial-grade computer with operating system and touch function, which is convenient to run the terminal customer software of major express companies, responsible for data interaction and human-computer interaction, and has single number repeat prompts All the functions required by express outlets, such as weight abnormal prompt, destination inconsistent prompt, barcode prompt for non-local outlets, and express mail interception. Compared with existing commercial desktop computers, the product has compact structure, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, and is more suitable for on-site operation.

  2. The scanning and weighing all-in-one machine uses a scanning device to free your hands; multiple scanning lines are emitted at the same time to form a scanning area, which can quickly capture barcodes, reduce labor intensity, and have high operating efficiency.

  3. The controller of the scanning and weighing all-in-one machine adopts the independent research and development of DSP chip, and cooperates with the weighing platform to write the program in the way of overlapping and adding. When the operator scans the code, it can automatically analyze and calculate the weight of each item, and the weighing is fast and accurate. , and there is no cumulative error in the weight of the large package.

  4. The scanning and weighing all-in-one machine integrates measuring, scanning and weighing, and adopts a new operation method to combine the existing scanning and weighing processes into one scanning and weighing process, eliminating the need for It eliminates the previous scanning and weighing process, saving a lot of manpower, time, and cost; overcomes the shortcomings and deficiencies in the existing technology, and solves the problem of two scans and one weighing for each express delivery in the inherent operation mode of the express delivery industry for a long time , The number of required equipment is large, the cost is high, the labor intensity of the staff is high, the time is long, and the efficiency is low. It provides a new operation mode and promotes the express delivery industry to enter the development direction of low cost and high efficiency.


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