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The intelligent sorting efficiency of volume measurement DWS equipment has been greatly improved

Writer:Goodscan Time:2022-11-15 16:08

  The intelligent sorting efficiency of volume measurement DWS equipment has been greatly improved

  At the peak of e-commerce promotion, enterprises are facing few challenges in the whole year in the face of soaring orders and express packages.

  With the wide application of automation technology and equipment, more and more sorting lines have been used, and the competition among major express enterprises has become increasingly fierce, starting to "run" towards the field of logistics automation.

  Jiuquan, Gansu: intelligent sorting, efficiency increased by 4 times

  Recently, an express company in Jiuquan, Gansu Province invested in a set of fully automatic intelligent express sorting equipment. The entire equipment can sort 12000 pieces of express per hour, which is four times more efficient than manual work. This not only saves labor, but also reduces the damage and error rate of express delivery.

  Wuhan, Hubei Province: Express package assembly line

  In a logistics center in Wuhan, there are few staff on the site. All parcels are placed on the assembly line in a series of steps: the parcels are placed at will, and the DWS equipment scans the express in multiple directions to identify the barcode, so as to obtain the information of the express bill to achieve efficient sorting.

  Nanchang, Jiangxi: Jingdong Logistics Asia No.1 was put into operation

  On the eve of Double 11, on November 10, Jingdong Logistics Asia No. 1 Nanchang Intelligent Industrial Park was put into use. Through automation equipment, intelligent robots and DWS information collection system, it was ensured that massive orders could be delivered to consumers in a timely manner.

  As an intelligent logistics solution provider, Goodscan Volume Measurement DWS, developed by foreign technology, covers static, dynamic and bulk cargo measurement equipment, which can meet the needs of e-commerce logistics related enterprises in a variety of use scenarios, efficiently collect the size, weight, barcode and other information of regular/irregular packages, and can interface with the assembly line sorter to achieve efficient logistics operations.

  If you also want to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency through automation equipment, Goodscan volume measurement DWS equipment is a good choice, which not only frees labor, but also optimizes the economic benefits of the enterprise.


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